Do you know Andrés Serrano’s photographs?

The New Yorker artist’s photographs usually have the presence of elements that probably distinguish it from all common photographs: blood. This photographer normally transgress photographic production rules in order to show us controversial subjects that for the spectator’s eyes may be difficult to process.

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Andrés’ photographs have gathered also other elements as medieval torture tools that seem to be very unpleasant for common people.

Serrano does not make these artistic references in the 21st century to add political, religious and social content to contemporary art. He wants to find a subjective beauty in what we know as violence and art.

Although the content that he shows in several occasions provokes rejection, his works has been used in Metallica’s album covers, one of them was “Blood and Semen III,” which is in the album called Load, and the second one was the work “Piss and Blood” used in ReLoad. In 1987, the artist generated controversy with “Piss Christ” that included an image of a crucifix in a glass full with its own urine.

Over the years, he has photographed charred bodies; he has documented New York’s homeless and the Ku Klux Klan, an extreme right group in United States. His last work was linked with the brand Supreme and included a shoe collection very particular titled “Blood & Semen.”



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