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The Peruvian photographer Mario Testino was born in 1954, and he was part of a traditional Catholic family. During his adolescence, he had several doubts about his future vocation, but he doubtlessly he chose the correct one.

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tography. He got the official degree of “Fashion Photographer,” an area that interested him since he was a child. This is especially because of the fashion ability to represent a personality according to how we dress.

Nowadays, only fashion icons are photographed by Mario Testino. In several occasions, his works have been considered as artworks. Within his most iconic works, the portraits of Lady Di are found.

In his works, there are several characteristics gathered such as: theatricality, minimalism, art and fashion through a spontaneous language. This led the photographer to be in the cover of magazines like Vogue, Magazine and Vanity Fair. Besides, he has important clients like Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Lancôme, Mercedes Benz, Ralph Lauren and Revlon.

Also, his works are located in private collections, galleries and museum from the entire world. In 2012, the Mario Testino Museum (MATE) was founded by him. “It is a non-profit organizations created to contribute with Peru, promoting its culture and making known new contemporary artists of his country of origin. Two years later, he received the recognition to “Best Photographer of the World” that was given by the Vogue magazine at the “Who’s On Next” awards, in Madrid, España. May, 2014.



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