Dance and Instagram: Five amazing photographers

Capturing the human body in movement is the main challenge of these artists behind the lens, who in addition to try to get the accurate picture, they look for portraying the beauty of the dance through different tools. A variety in the use of lights, spaces and textures are part of the photographs that Arte Al Límite staff selected and you can see below.

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Emily Black (@emilyblackphoto)

Focused in studio photography more familiar, Emily Black captures different dancers to give them a good memory of their presentations to their parents and that, at the same time, would help them in future castings as a letter of introduction.

Alexander Yakovlev (@ayakovlevcom)

The photograph needs both precision and imagination and Alexander knows it so well. In his last works the artist used flour to give their pictures a grater motion feeling, deepening his textures and details.

Dane Shitagi (@ballerinaproyect_)

It is a project divided in parts by the Hawaiian photographer Dane Shitagi, who shows mainly dancers in different context. From urban spaces to a picture in middle of the nature, Shitagi plays with personalities of the artists to achieve amazing shots.

Omar Z. Robles (@omarzrobles)

Inspired by himself and the French actor Marcel Marceau, this Puerto Rican photographer captures the actions of various artists in the corners of the city and private spaces like their homes. He looks for showing subtle movements but at the same time intensified to surprise his followers.

Yakov Levaira (@yakovlevaira)

From San Petersburgo, Levaira sets up a wide range of stages for his models, from small dancers to more experienced artists. In his portfolio there are spaces for all kind of artists and ways of expression.




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