Art Gala | The New Distribution and Auction House of Art Works

In July 26th starts a new promising generation of the distribution and auction of art works at an international level: ARTGALA, in New York.

ARTGALA is going to be a portal where young collectors will be able to know artists with modern and original offers at an international level.

The New York’s prestigious Plaza Hotel was the place selected for the event, where important collectors of the city, contributors, and curators attended. They saw in this ambitious project a huge potential of taking up a segment that has not been covered in the population: the millennial collector.

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We have the opportunity to interview a young visionary, founder and CEO of ARTGALA, Michelle Acevedo.

Tell us about the CEO

I expect to achieve a new entertainment and convenience in the art world, and to give artists and collectors a chance to simplify the purchasing process.

Since I was a little girl, I always had inclination to arts and ballet. I played violin since I was six years old, and I have always shown interest in costume design. I grew up in a family that frequently participates in the world of art, specially my grandfather and my father. I studied in Chavón, which is an art and design school. Then, I formalized my brand and that’s how I started in the design world.

Inspired by my past experiences and my passion for fine arts, I started with what is today Art Gala. In 2016, I worked independently and I turned my project into Art Gala.

Which are the selection patterns for the ARTGALA’s artists?

First, there must be a certificate of authenticity that certifies the validity of this art works. There must be technique, quality and a significant improvement. Also, we evaluate the artists’ history and their educational background. We consider the market, the investment quality of the art work, and the previous sales that the artist has had.

We have a personalized treatment with each of our members. If a piece is not accepted, we work with them on how to improve their work for the future. Also, we give an evaluation about how they can improve.

Not only artists can apply to Art Gala but also collectors that want to auction a piece.

Which are the largest challenges that art is facing today? How will Art Gala contribute to revert it?

Because technology is advancing exponentially, it has lost some credibility in the sale of online works, as well as the sensibility of the client and collectors’ treatment. That is our priority in Art Gala.

How and how long ago Art Gala was born? 

Art Gala emerged three years ago from my love and experience in fine arts, and as art consultant, I wanted to develop an original investigation concept in art, which it is about what we need nowadays, so we can evaluate the needs of both the collector and the artist. The idea of using social media as a tool in order to offer art in an interactive and fun way from a digital platform that fulfill with all the legal standards for the works sales seemed an excellent idea. Art Gala officially was born two years ago when I was working as art consultant. Our main goal is to simplify the collecting process.

What do you think that distinguish Art Gala from other platforms?

Art Gala stands out from other platforms because of its rigorous curatorial process and its works refinement process. All works require a certificate of authenticity and the commissions that we charge for the work sale are lower than most of the other platforms. Also, the sending and dispatch process possess a logistics that let the user have full control and ease in order to offer it. ARTGALA will remain at the forefront in the investigation and identification of trends and avant-garde at an artistic field.

Art Gala stands out from other platforms because of its rigorous curatorial process and its works refinement process.

What is your vision for Art Gala?

My vision is to create an interactive, comfortable and easy to use space, but in turn provides to the users the assurance in order that their investment will be protected and well guided, and we count with the support of our consultants and our curatorial team. I think that with this project I can help artists to have an opportunity to be part of the art community, and we can also give the collectors a more private meaning of what online auctions are.

Where can collectors approach in order to learn more about the Art Gala’s initiative?  

You can follow our website Also, you can follow our social media Instagram / Twitter / @artgala Facebook.



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