Frequent Questions


If you want us to upload a banner of your company, fair or other, you must write to, to request the details of the spaces and prices. Our banners are in all the spaces of the site.

If you want to publish your brand in the AAL magazine, you must write to marketing @ arteallimite.


The dispatch process begins once the purchase order has been confirmed. Delivery times are 5 business days for Metropolitan Region, 7 business days for regions and 12 business days for foreigners.

If you want to contact an artist, you can check their web page or contact email in their profile. If you can not find any of this information, please write to

If you want to contact a gallery, you can check the contact information on your site. All the galleries publish their website and contact email with us.

Art Advisory, is a service to help buyers of AAL, so you can organize your art collection. It also serves as advice to guide on artists, styles and works among others.

This option is used to access the works that you like, directly from your profile, by clicking on Selected works.
In addition, it allows to make a preselection of works, in case you want to buy.


If you wish to collaborate with texts for the AAL magazine, you must write to

The Arte Al Límite magazine is bimonthly edition, therefore, it has six editions per year.

You can see all the points of sale section magazine, “points of sale”. In addition, you can subscribe and receive each edition in your home. See more information in How do I subscribe to the magazine?

To be able to see the online magazine, you only have to subscribe to this modality. See in How do I subscribe to the magazine?


If you want to edit and publish a book with us, you should write to Catalina Papic or Kristell Pfeifer

The books can be found in the Contrapunto and Heavy Metal bookstores. Or you can also contact us at to organize the dispatch of a copy.

Web News

If you can.
For this you must send written texts, to
If you have a prepared piece of news that you wish to publish, you can send it to the mail indicated above.

If you want us to publish a news about an event, exhibition or important event, send the material you have to

AAL approach

If you can.
For this, you must write to, ideally attaching the CV and previously written texts.


If you represent a cultural center, museum or other, linked to the visual arts, you can send your video to to review and approve its publication.

If you want to have your video permanently in the AAL Home, you must write to, they will advise you regarding the costs and times.


Arte al Límite is one of the most important media in Latin America, so we make sure that your event is seen by our readers in the continent and different parts of the world.
In this way, we support the work and exhibitions of our artists and collaborators.

The panoramas have no cost. You can send the ones you want, always referring to visual arts.
For this we need you to indicate the start and end date, address, place, title of the exhibition, artists and images.
If you want us to publish your event, you can send an email to

* The artists belonging to Arte al Límite, have priority in this space.


The benefits of spreading your gallery with us are:
– Improve management with artists.
– Incorporation to new technologies.
– International scope.
– Dissemination and exposure in networks and media.
– Sale without fixed costs.
– Increase profitability of your work.

To publish your gallery and your represented artists you must request a Membership membership for this, click on the upper right corner, in the gallery registry, then you must enter all your data. Once the above is done, our team will contact you to give you all the details of our gallery membership plans.
If you have questions, you can write to


The benefits of the membership are the following:
– International scope of your work
– Have your own virtual gallery to exhibit your works
– Contact information
– Interview that will be broadcast on the site and on the networks.
– Diffusion of the site and works in social networks
– An executive to solve your concerns.
– Other benefits: Possibility of making postcards, videos, texts in newspapers, etc.

If one of the uploaded works is seen with the pixels, it is because the image does not have enough quality.
In this regard, you must take a new photograph. If you need guidance in this regard, you can check the Artist Support section in your artist account.

All the images that are uploaded to AAL, will be of absolute responsibility of the person who enters them to the site. In this regard, it is prohibited to upload images that contain explicit violence, pornography, or damage to third parties.

To know how to take a good photograph (in high resolution and to show the work in the most convenient way), you can access our “Artist Support” site in your artist account, where you will also find more useful information.

To exhibit your works you must make an application for membership and pay a membership of 220 USD per year.

To make the application for incorporation in the upper right corner, you must click on artist record, then you have to enter all your data. In a maximum of 48 hours, if your application is accepted you can make the payment of the membership and show your works through your artist profile.