Elliot Tupac | From Workshop to Art Street

Elliot Tupac grew up in a family of Huancainos craftsmen and when they were making serigraph, he was drawing and painting. With no educational background in visual arts, he has developed a distinguish career in Peru and the rest of the world by always clinging to his great model, his father.

His obsession and love for lettering, serigraph, and urban art have made him into a versatile artist in the use of different techniques. He transmits several messages with a huge visual impact through his works, especially with the Andean colors used by him, which add a value in certain unique features of Peru.

Phrases such as “Inner Peace,” “Weaving Hope” and “Your Indifference Also Contaminates” can be read in the streets of the country where his multiple creations are. Also, we can observe the perfect balance between messages, colors, and shapes. That is how he takes over the public spaces, and incites the spectators to stop and analyze the transformation of that empty old place.

Production: Martín Nuñez & Joaquín Mora / Base_Producer

One of the most recognized works of Elliot Tupac is the “Popular Party,” which was made in Notting Hill, London. This work reached quickly the social media. Something similar happened with the workshops that he provided in GlasGow Print Studio, or with his exhibition “Chicha Street” in the South Block Gallery.

Nowadays, Elliot Tupac works with different brands such as Google, Creative Review, Puma, Lollapalooza, Dunkin Donuts, BBVA, among others. He lives and works in Lima, Peru.



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