Fernando Szyszlo | An expert on Latin American Art

The artist Fernando Szyszlo was born on July 5th, 1925 in Lima, Peru. From an early age he was interested in painting, so from an early age, he began his way in art. 

He put his efforts in the Art School of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUPC) in 1944. After a long time devoting himself to art, he was summoned to carry out his first individual exhibition in Lima, 1947. Since then, he became an emblematic figure nationally and internationally, highlighting in sculpture and painting.

His pictorial work introduces us to the abstraction. One of the topics that go beyond his work is the native culture of America, specifically indigenous in his area of work. It is displayed clearly in his work, the use of pictorial weight, an appropriate use of light and shadows in his paintings. In his pieces can be seen the influence of cubism, surrealism, and informalism.

Szyszlo had a big and little passion for literature, so much passion he had that he reached a friendship with several literary persons as Emilio Adolfo Westphalen. It is worth to say that Szyszlo was a member of the “Academia Peruana de la Lengua” (Spanish for Peruvian Academy of Language), thanks to his literary knowledge.

Together with one of his best friends, Mario Vargas Llosa, he was part of the “Liberty” Movement. And he supported the writer to be a candidate as president of Peru in 1990, inside a sensitive political context with an economic crisis during the first term in the government of Alan García Pérez.

By 1989, he made twelve exhibitions simultaneously in different countries. In recognition of his career and for being an expert, the painting received the El Sol del Perú order in the grade of Grand Cross, 2011. Also, he has been honored in France and his work is exhibited in different museums throughout the world.

Fernando Szyszlo died at the age of 92, together with his wife Liliana Yábar who is 96 years old. Both of them had a domestic accident at their home located in San Isidro, Lima.



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