Cecilia Guridi: un lente para bellezas remotas

“It sounds ordinary, but from the photography every person starts to look the world in a different way, the colors of sunset, sky and nature, each one starts to look very intensively, maybe not everyone sees it that way”. This is how Cecilia Guridi refers to her close relation with the world of images, space generated by the passion of capturing the life through a lens.

The people, their histories and contexts, their old or young faces. The beauty of an old face, a vivid face, the field, of different parts of the world. From the East, Africa, cultural minorities, races. It is the photograph as the use of an unbiased universal language that talks about the human being in his essence.

“With my photography, I’m looking to represent a reality, I call it to document a reality, I like to show the things of the daily living in a photo in such a way that produces emotion, that shows beauty but also emotion, that lets you shaking a little. A face, a gaze that shows life, the work, the years”, the artist thinks about her work.

Mutanda Lake














Despite that in general she has focused in portraits, also she has recognized and learn to look  drama or calm of a landscape, discover that beauty has been helpful to get out from lives, portraits in order to admire the elements of nature, trees, skies, and a myriad of more lives.

Cecilia thinks about the change that has manifested her artistic work that nowadays is framed under the photo-documentary gender. “Portray a face, because yes, it has its value, I like a face, the eyes, a old person that I took him photographs and we talked, but lately I have been changing a little bit the scene, I have been documenting, I really want to express something, a reality. That has changed my life as an artist a lot because I’m showing the world of poverty, illness, and the most suffering realities. This doesn’t mean that I do not portray people that are not happy, I try to provide a change of the vision that certain societies have. Added the artist.


El pescador
Cecilia Guridi












When I was working for the government of New Zealand with immigrant refugees, her vision of photography has changed, realizing that the social change can materialized, I couldn’t do it at the hands of the government identities, by different actors. However, the change can be done through his art.

Go to a refugee camp, to portray that reality in one of her dreams now.” I would like to portray who are escaping from Syria, the refugees and show that as my art but at the same time has a work. A powerful message”. She wishes to show sadness and suffering in order to produce changes at level of societies, don’t let these stories behind, but make them notice through the art of photography.

One example of this, but not linked to the war, El hombre del té,a photograph that shows the man and his contex ir order to generate an impact in the audience. To show a man that wakes up at 4am to go to a working day of picking tea leaves.

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