“Un mundo de diferencias”: chilena vivió y registró la vida en una comunidad de Uganda

“I managed to do art with something that could be morbid or purely medical”

Cecilia Guridi

December, 2015. A photographer walks in Africa until reaching Uganda. Her goal is to show the manner a little community in Uganda lives. On the mountains of the southeastern part of this country, in the middle of the community, a building – that dates from 1958 and it is used for medical purposes – awaits her arrival.

Kisiizi Hospital is the background of a book whose author is the Chilean photographer Cecilia Guridi. She took photographs – as a way of remembering – of the moments she spent in the institution. The artist not only took photos, but she wrote some thoughts that complement a high-quality documentary work.

The center is a non-profit private institution whose funds are provided by the church of Uganda to keep the precarious and dangerous health condition this little and poor community has.

It was a challenge for the artist, whose eagerness for discovering and learning made her sign onto a social project. She was in charge of visually recording the stay and the departing to the hospital. Images would be part of a designed book to show other realities and raise awareness on society about culture diversity and different ways people on the world addresses existence, along with working for a fundraising for the hospital in the Nat-West Bank in Tring, Hertfordshire, entity that will receive all collected funds of the text.

Amazingly, images of birds, flora, and fauna of the place greatly caught attention. Their experience were not based only for encouraging life, but to describing the environment and providing a context of how this town of Uganda lives, whose natural beauty glares immensely too. The artist confesses that one literally could do art in an operation room.

“The superintendent of the hospital Dr. Ian Spillman calls this book ‘a world of differences, portraits of Kisiizi,’ which is now on Internet and can de downloaded and read by anyone worldwide,” explains an article she herself wrote. Among prominent matters: the sense of battle and life that she brought to her book.

For more information, click HERE to accede to the above-mentioned book.

Cecilia Guridi is part of our web platform. This book can be sold. All profits goes to the hospital account in Nat-West Bank, Tring, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.



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