Concert | Tomás Gubbins + Nube/Maleza

Nube/Maleza is a chamber sextet that yesterday June 6 played at the Arrau Hall of the Municipal Theater of Santiago in the frame of improvised music season. A nocturnal jazz session in the middle of the city that Tomás Gubbins and company’s compositions filled with clapping.

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The concert opened with a simple entrance that little by little increased the intensity until the Flugelhorn begins the pursuit of an ecstasy very typical of jazz. And the people in the audience exclaimed, go on, go on! Because people also fell in pursuit of that unique moment that produces the ecstatic improvisation of this musical genre. It happened already at the beginning of the presentation and the audience was captivated.

Foto Patricio Melo
Photograph by Patricio Melo

Then the trombone started the famous main walk of the song Five spot after dark by Curtis Fuller. Sixty years after its release and played without piano or drums, the ensemble presented its version. The mix is ​​more than perfect because there are other elements present in the original song such as the tenor saxophone or the double bass, to which is added the intention of not being a five spot cover, but rather using Fuller’s composition as a sample of sampling that re-enters several times to unite the narratives of the sextet. Just as an accordion expands, the notes and melodies of five spots were expanded until the improvisation contracted again to return (a sort of after dark) to the original song.

Foto Patricio Melo
Photograph by Patricio Melo

The next piece is a contemporary music game. The melodies follow jazz paths but begin to be interrupted by dissonant notes, efforts of instruments that want to unlock new sounds. It is noticed first in one of the saxophones and soon all the musicians are executing a saturation that gives way to an orchestration of contemporary music, which in turn transforms itself to put on again the bronze of jazz.

Foto Patricio Melo
Photograph by Patricio Melo

Jazz and blues were present in the 4 pieces that included the concert. But the ovation that had been brewing since the first improvisation could not resist the temptation to ask for one more and Gubbins and company, Gubbins + Nube/Maleza, gave in the taste to the audience with a final sample of their creations.
More presentations of the imporivsed Music season in the Teatro Municipal website.

Foto Patricio Melo
Photograph by Patricio Melo

Data Sheet
Flugelhorn: Alejandro Pino
Tenor sax and soprano: Claudio Rubio
Trombone: Alfredo Tauber
Baritone saxophone and flute: Pablo Jara
Double bass: Milton Russel
Guitar and composition: Tomás Gubbins



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