El recetario erótico de Dalí vuelve a ser editado

Although he is principally known thanks to his painter facet, Salvador Dalí explored the diverse possibilities of art as discipline. He created objects, participated in movies, was an actor –as in the failed Dune by Jodorowsy–, just to remember some examples. A concrete case of his artistic geniality was the cookbook Le diners de Gala, recently reedited by the Taschen editorial.


Dilated watches, imaginary animals and dishes that look taken from a dream are the elements that give life to this work. Meat preparations and other traditional dishes are infused with his surreal aesthetic, in preparations that stand out by their creativity and by how curious they turn out to be to the observer.

“Aphrodite’s puree”, “Casanova cocktail” or “Siren shoulder” are some dishes of the gastronomic menu that Dalí offers in this book. To the Spanish painter, cooking was a sign of modern delicacy, in a text “dedicated to the pleasure of taste”.

Take a look at some of the images of the book below:




Un vistazo a “Galatea de las esferas” de Salvador Dalí



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