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South Africa | Painting | Ryan Hewett

Portraits between personal and universal The South African painter Ryan Hewett defies the portrait genre with representations based on his personal experience, that explode in powerful chromatic matter distorting the faces, in order to make them universal examples of the human condition. By observing Ryan Hewett´s portraits, the creative axis of his work is suddenly […]

Germany | Photography | Nicole Ahland

The use of light in space “Certainly, I couldn’t explain it completely and nonetheless I was sure, I have captured the instant from which light, having crashed with a true event, was approaching to its consummation.” Maurice Blanchot, The Maddness of the Day The acknowledgment of the transient nature in the image of space is […]

Argentina | Multidisciplinary Artist | Rafael González Moreno

Playing with Color Rafael Gonzalez Moreno‘s work is a journey to the mechanics of childhood. To the inability of exact form, resulting as a ludic glance to the everyday scenario. The surprise of plasticity, the unpredictability of form, and excess color are part of a multiple world and routine escapes. As equally eccentric as popular, […]

Peru | Multidisciplinary Artist | Michelle Prazak

The fascination of the abstract Michelle Prazak creates a geometrical, plastic language, particularly interested on imaginary, sensorial and perceptive aspects, through the exploration of concepts such as time and space. Michelle has always been fascinated by the human capacity of perceiving and visualizing, by the relativity and subjectivity of perception. This is why she finds […]

Argentina | Photography | Raquel Bigio

Observer, Listener… Photographer Raquel Bigio has tried out many creative solutions. However, the representation of urban spaces is one of her favorite subjects. In order to capture it she doesn’t shoot every time the mood strikes her, but rather establishes a deep connection with each image she captures. By basing her work on both imagination […]

Bolivia | Drawing | Jose Ballivian

Visual Conversations José Ballivian’s perception situates itself between the massive and popular. An artist that dialogues with spaces of social and cultural contradiction and exhibits them, translated into a visual language. José Ballivian is a contemporary artist born in La Paz, that is part of the first generation of neo-conceptual artists of his country.  In […]

USA | Drawing | Patricia Schnall

The feminine condition Multi-faceted, Schnall´s work travels through different formats such as drawing, performance, painting, sculpting or video. Her personal universe suggests us different perspectives about the inquiry of the feminine condition. It is not by chance that one of the formats the artist chooses is performance; the body from this perspective becomes a territory […]

Brazil | Photography | Maritza Caneca

Capturing ambiences Portraying the colorful and inveterate moments that characterize a culture stands out in the photographic work of Brazilian artist Maritza Caneca. Her shades, which combines the wonders of capturing moments in motion for the cinema and collecting still images from places that have dazzled her, represent the major challenges for this photographic director. […]

Denmark | Multidisciplinary Artist | Morten Viskum

Contemporary diagnoses – the hybrid self The controversial artworks of Morten Viskum  fill the front pages of newspapers. Each part of the body that he uses can clarify a taboo of the Western culture about death. At the same time,  those recall the artworks from the 90s where the human body was considered a fundamental […]

French | Painting | Irene Mamiye

A world of our own New York-based artist Irene Mamiye has been developing, since the beginning of the 2000s, an extensive body of work that questions the medium of photography as well as its history. It is interesting to see how, in recent years, artists have strongly tried to redefine the concept of contemporary art. […]

Peru | Sculpture | Mónica González-Tobón

Inhabitants of the Void Inasmuch as it is the fruit of an idea, the artwork contains content; it is incorporated in susceptible, excitable forms which invite us to untangle the polysemy understood within it, the richness of the embedded idea. But upon trying similar fruits, extracted from a tree whose genetic memory strikes up de-hierarchized, […]

France | Painting | Jeanne Lorioz

The attractive beauty of imperfection Voluptuous portraits of well-endowed women take frame. They take hold of the work of art and do not leave space for anybody to overshadow them. With the right will we sometimes find a pet, a husband on the background, but the truth is that the woman’s back captures smiles and […]