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The global system is collapsing due to the decrees on the border closures, quarantines, and business closure. Not only economy and health are being susceptible to a system being mostly questioned though, education, arts and culture are tried by their way of sustained facing this crysis.

At this time, several governments around the world are evaluating ways to financially support one of the sectors that will be most affected economically, cultures and the arts.

“We in the specialized media have certain responsibilities to continue supporting those who have been the basis of our existence and we also call for help, but beyond that, for mutual support,” says Ana María Matthei, director of Arte Al Límite.

Thousands of events have been cancelled and are moving towards the digital format, which claims to be the only safe way for us to express ourselves and show ourselves to others. For this reason, as a medium dedicated to Contemporary Art, we open our website to the following proposals:

  • Visual Arts Tuesday: Send us your proposals to prensa.arteallimite@gmail.com, we will select the best exhibition that has been cancelled or suspended and we will promote it during one week in our social networks / Subject: Exposición Suspendida.
  • Thursday of Literature: Send us a preview of your book that was about to be published and we will do an interview or review of the text. We will also publish how it can be obtained. prensa.arteallimite@gmail.com / Subject: Lanzamiento Suspendido.
  • Recommendation Friday: If you have written book or film reviews, send us your article for publication or we will set up once a week with all the recommendations we receive. prensa.arteallimite@gmail.com / Subject: Recomendación.

In times of quarantine and shelter, we have to support each other, distract each other, reduce stress and move on. #Let’sStopUpThisVirustogether



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