Red Salas de Teatro calls to the Government to support cultural spaces due to the loss the field will suffer

The loss for calling off the performances during a month in the 23 theater halls that compose this web is valued in CLP298,573,102, evidencing that the closure of theaters will strongly affect both halls and the artist working at them.

Within the framework of the health crisis that our country is experiencing due to the arrival of the Covid-19, the theatres associated to the Red Salas de Teatro have decided to suspend their functions and activities for at least the rest of March, a situation that will be re-evaluated according to the state of progress of this pandemic in 15 more days.

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The measure, necessary to guarantee the safety and health of performing arts workers, will be a hard blow to the sector. In this first stage, it is projected that the detention of one month of work would translate into 469 suspended performances, which implies the cessation of ticketing sales valued at CLP298,573,102, according to data collected to date by the Network. This amount is essential for the operation of the 23 theaters, whose operating costs exceed CLP530,000,000 per month.
“This Network is one of the most representative, partly because it brings together a diverse and mixed reality. We call on university theaters such as the UC Theater, the Universidad Mayor Hall, the Chilean National Theater, and the Finis Terrae Theater, as well as cultural centers such as GAM and Matucana 100. We also add multiple independent theaters that lack any kind of subsidy, such as Los Pleimovil, La Vitrina, Azares Theater, Camino Theater, Pocket Theater, La Máquina del Arte and Sala Tessier. We also have independent theatres that have permanently invested so that this sector can exist, most of the time also without contributions, I am referring to spaces such as Centro Mori, Teatro las Tablas, Taller Siglo XX, Teatro La Memoria, El Cachafaz, Teatro Ictus, Teatro Sidarte, Teatro del Puente, Anfiteatro Bellas Artes and Teatro Camilo Henríquez.
We must not give up on these matters, since we project that in a critical situation like the one we are experiencing, most of these halls will not be able to remain open without support from the State,” explains Verónica Tapia, president of the trade association.

The activities programmed by the members of the Network of Rooms are also the source of work and income for the workers in the performing arts. In this sense, the figures are not encouraging either, since the spaces that make up the Network are a source of work for 305 people, including managers, administrative staff, technicians and producers, to name but a few. As for the companies that exhibit their works in these venues, it is estimated that more than 800 artists will be affected, among other reasons, because the box office per performance season represents their source of employment.
The president of the Network of Venues said:

“Closing a theater is not simply a space or infrastructure, it is depriving access to culture. We give a working space to actors, actresses and many other workers in our guild. The state has to be more present in a country’s culture. It is urgent”.

Due to the closure of the theatres will have a significant impact on both theatres and artists -precaring even more an activity that does not respond to market logic-, today, more than ever, this field requires the support of the State to guarantee its continuity. Art is a public good that must be protected.

We understand that this crisis will also profoundly affect different sectors of the country, which is why the Red Salas de Teatro plans to continue with strategies that contribute to the sectorial dialogue by proposing a concrete request for measures to the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, collaborating with other associations of a guild nature with whom we are already organized.

For the moment, the call is for people to be safe in this period of quarantine without forgetting the strength of a creative sector, which must remain, for now, with the curtain down.

The information provided in this statement will be available on the website


Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, Matucana 100, Centro Mori, Teatro Nacional Chileno, Teatro del Puente, Teatro La Memoria, Anfiteatro Bellas Artes, Teatro Ictus, Teatro UC, Teatro Finis Terrae, Teatro de Bolsillo, Teatro Azares, Teatro Sidarte, Teatro Lospleimovil, Espacio Vitrina, La Máquina del Arte, Taller Siglo XX, Sala Universidad Mayor, Sala Tessier, Teatro Camino, Teatro Camilo Henríquez, Teatro Las Tablas and Teatro El Cachafaz.



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