Cultural quarantine

Due to the Co-vid19 pandemic that hits most of the planet, in Chile phase four of the virus was declared, so measures to hold the spread were enacted. These measures includes the limitation of activities according the number of people, thinking about the displacement of persons who can facilitate the disease transmission. That’s why performing arts and spaces where are carried out were declared in quarantine, calling off the programmed performances until the end of March and, in some cases, for whole April as well. In Arte Al Límite we show you a count of the cultural institutions and artistic companies that announced their adherence to these measures.

Meanwhile, the UNA, National Union of Artists, calls on government authorities to implement a mitigation plan for the cultural industries, in order to alleviate the low incomes of arts workers, who are hard hit by the lack of audiences, as they do not receive any income. Emphasizing how the social explosion affected the country’s creators, they call for the formation of a working group with the Ministries of Culture and Arts and of Finance to agree on measures to help the sector overcome the crisis.

The call is to be responsible, stay at home, avoid crowds and attend all cultural activities as soon as the quarantine is lifted. In the meantime, you can read the liberated library of Unesco, visit Ondamedia or be attentive to our instagram @arteallimite so that you have #tuobradiaria

List of cultural institutions that closed or suspended their activities:

Teatro Finis Terrae

Suspend activities from March 16 to April 5

Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino

Closed from March 17 to 31

Corporación Cultural de Las Condes

Indefinite suspension of activities and closure of museums

Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende

Indefinite suspension of activities

Fundación CorpArtes

Suspension and end of activities until April 30


Suspension of public activities, artist residences continuity


Closure and cancelling of functions and activities from March 15 to 30

Teatro del Puente

Indefinite suspension of activities

Teatro La Memoria

Suspension of activities during March

Teatro Sidarte

Suspension of activities during March

Teatro Nacional Chileno

Suspension of activities during March

Teatro UC

Indefinite suspension of activities

Teatro Mori

Suspension of activities until March 29

Teatro Camilo Henríquez

Suspension of activities and performances

Teatro Nescafé

Suspension of activities and performances

Museo de la Memoria y los DDHH

Closed during March

MAC, both headquarters

Closed during March

Museo Interactivo Mirador, MIM

Closed until March 31

Balmaceda Arte Joven, every single headquarters

Suspension of activities until March 27




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