Arte Al Límite arranges an exhibition of collectors for DIVERSEartLA in L.A. Art Show

From 2018 Arte al Límite has been present in exhibitions outside of Chile aimed at disseminating contemporary art. This initiative started with the sample called Mentiras Triviales (trivial lies in Spanish) of the Art Party at Barcú, Colombia, and in the next year, 2019, kept successful at White Lies Exhibition in L.A Art Show.

This year, with an innovative practice, the renowned editorial has decided to arrange a new exhibition with Latin American Artists’ works, belonging to different collections internationally The True Love of Collecting, How collectors reshape the international art scene, being present in the curatorial section of DIVERSEartLA in L.A. Art Show, California, from  February 5th until 9th.

AAL Collection – Piece by Bernardo Oyarzún

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Colección AAL se expondrá en Los Ángeles, California para L.A. Art Show

Colección AAL se expondrá en Bogotá para la semana del arte

Collectors recognize the value of artists to the community and bring it out in front of other professionals and art institutions, but what makes them really fall in love with a piece? That will be the mystery this exhibition will reveal: The true passion for art.

AAL Collection – Piece by Rocío Hormazábal

The curatorship was in charge of the artist and curator Marisa Caichiolo and Elisa Massardo, editor of the magazine and in charge of the collection. This exhibition consists of: AAL Collection, Chile with works by Rocío Hormazabal and Bernardo Oyarzún, the artist who represented the country at the Venice Biennale in 2017. Ca.Sa. Collection with works by Mono Lira. AMA Foundation collection through the video El hombre que camina by Enrique Ramírez, which was presented at the Venice Biennale in 2017. Kim Martindale, with a video by Raphael Montañez Ortiz. Lidia Rubinstein, Argentina/USA with a work by Mariana Telleira, presented at the Venice Biennale in 2019 and Kai Loebach, Germany/USA with a work by Ricardo Alcalde.

Colección Ca.Sa. - Obra de Mono Lira
Ca.Sa. Collection – work by Mono Lira

Conversation Art Critic and The Culture of Aesthetic Discourse

On this occasion, Elisa Massardo will also hold a conversation with Cuban critic and curator Andrés Isaac Santana, in which they will discuss aesthetic discourses, art criticism and the book “Lenguaje Sucio”, Santana’s latest publication. When? On Saturday, February 8, 3:00 p.m.

Convention Center, Los Ángeles, California.

Colección de Lidia Rubinstein - Obra de Mariana Telleria
Lidia Rubinstein Collection – Work by Mariana Telleria

Cover Piece: AMA Foundation Collection – Piece by Enrique Ramírez.




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