Cecilia Vicuña, Chilean poet and artist, winner of Velázquez Art Award in Spain

The Culture and Sport ministry of Spain gave her the award “because her highlighted work as a poet, as a visual artist, and as an activist, she has spread out a multi-dimensional art, in which she interact with the earth, the written language and the textures“. 

The jury added that Cecilia Vicuña, born in Santiago in 1948, is a “creator of a special poetry in which the environmental awareness, the city and the artistic institution meet each other”. “Her work is an updated millenial knowledge debtor through performances, installations, sculpture, books and gestures of daily life”.

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This award has been granted by the Ministry since 2002 to recognize a creator in the plastic arts who has contributed to Spanish and Latin American culture for the totality of his work. The prize, worth 100,000 euros, was previously awarded to Juan Soriano (2005), Cildo Meireles (2008), Doris Salcedo (2010), Esther Ferrer (2014) and Marta Minujín (2016), to name but a few. Cecilia Vicuña is the first Chilean to have it.

The Guggenheim Museum today announced that Cecilia Vicuña is one of six artists to receive one of the most important art prizes in the world: the Hugo Boss Prize, which includes an individual exhibition of the artist at the iconic museum in 2021.


Also this Tuesday, the Guggenheim Musseum in New York announced the six winners of the Hugo Boss Prize 2020, one of the most important in the world and known for consecrating contemporary artists of enormous relevance today. “After a rigorous examination of the current art scene, the jury identified a group of artists whose practices are beacons of cultural impact,” said Nancy Spector, artistic director and chief curator of Guggenheim, in a statement. “While they are diverse in their approaches and themes, each exemplifies the spirit of experimentation and innovation that the award has always defended,” she added. The award includes an individual exhibition at the museum and $100,000.

The painting Karl Marx, 1972 is part of the collection exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum since June of this year, when it was curated by the Ethiopian artist Julie Mehretu, for the Artistic Licence exhibition.

The new MoMA

On 21 October, the Modern Art Musseum in New York, MoMA, reopened its doors, which had been closed to the public for three months, while a historic remodelling was carried out with extensions, new galleries and a new curatorship that includes three works by Cecilia Vicuña.

A New MoMA, an exhibition with which MoMA inaugurates the new salons, shows on the second floor the works Pantera Negra y yo II, 1978, the film Qué es Para Ud la Poesia?, 1980 and the artist’s book Sabor A Mí, 1973, the poet’s first manuscript, which was thrown into the sea by the military during the dictatorship in Chile.



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