Concert n7, the Romantisism visits Municipal Theater

The Romanticism takes the concert hall of Municipal Theater of Santiago in two sessions of Concert 7 (October 17 and 18), where the chosen program by the Philharmonic introduces us Enrique Soro, Johannes Brahms and Sergei Rachmaninov. Under the musical direction of Helmuth Reichel this experience is a strong showing of the soundness of the main theater of Chile.

“Giving touches as gentle as a breeze, however, they require Mustonen to cross his hands over the keyboard to be excecuted

Fotos: Marcela González
Photograph: Marcela González

The evening begins with the Three Chilean Airs by Enrique Soro, a short piece that, however, sports the late romanticism that was exhibited in Chile at the beginning of the last century. Each of the airs is an opportunity to taste this musical period with touches of Chileanness.

Fotos: Marcela González
Photographs: Marcela González

The centerpiece of Concert 7 is performed beautifully by the Philharmonic Orchestra, to which the talent of Ollie Mustonen is added to the piano, an instrument that from the center of the stage projects its loudness to the audience, establishing a dialogue between orchestra and Pianist, for later, with other touches, bring and answer two sound moments with both hands of the pianist, who must make a technical display to go from top to bottom the scales that Brahms arranged for the Piano and Orchestra Concert No. 1, in D minor, op.15; giving touches as subtle as a breeze that, however, require Mustonen to cross his hands over the keyboard in order to run them. The result is seen in the heads of the listeners, who are following every movement of the masters on stage, attentive to the speed and delicacy of these musical pieces that were composed more than a hundred years ago and today they are flooded with emotion.

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From Sergei Rachmaninov we listen to the Symphonic Dances, op 45; a high quality concert of a great exhibitor of Russian romanticism. Here there are valleys of mist and loneliness that the orchestra goes through to say without words epic issues that unfold around the melodies, now dark, now sharp and rushed.

Fotos: Marcela González
Photographs: Marcela González

The second session of this Concert 7 of Soro, Brahms and Rachmaninov takes place this Thursday, October 17 at 7:00 p.m. Soon, on October 22 and 23, they will be able to attend Concert 8, in the same Municipal Theater of Santiago.

Photographs: Marcela González




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