The 3rd version of Open House Santiago (OH! Stgo) opens more than 100 spaces in 33 commune of Metropolitan region

On October 19 and 20 more than 100 spaces related with architecture,  engineering, and green spaces that reflect the contemporary Santaigo with free entry will open. Open House is being carried out 27 years ago in more than 40 cities around the world, it was born in London where was spreaded to the five continents

For three years in a row OH! Stgo invites you to rediscover Santiago by visiting spaces of high architectural, engineering, environmental, urban, social or cultural value. On Saturday, October 19 and Sunday, October 20, 111 spaces in 33 communes of Santiago will open their doors for free to invite to learn, discuss and re-enchant with the city.

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This year the version is inspired by the phrase of the British architect Sir Norman Foster when he visited Chile in 1997: “Santiago’s skyline is its mountain range.” In this way, the emphasis will be to promote the encounter of people with the natural environment, and in particular, with the island and mountain hills that surround the city. In addition, the public can learn from the first source the different processes of design, construction and operation of the city through guided visits by the authors of outstanding works in architecture, engineering, public art and landscaping, among other disciplines.

“Who does not know does not love. Santiago has many layers and infinite ways of inhabiting it. Weekend of OH! Stgo seeks to generate meeting spaces with people and groups that are making significant changes in their environments and who are curious to know more about the city. OH! Stgo is a unique opportunity to learn through the experience and the words of the authors themselves how quality design positively transforms urban living”, says Soledad Díaz de la Fuente, executive director of Fundación Aldea and co-organizer of OH! Stgo.

OH! Stgo is an open invitation to anyone who wishes to experience each city space from the importance of design in the daily life of its inhabitants: “The quality of life is directly related to the space in which we live and, in turn, this forms our individual and community identity. Santiago is a city that has many elements that should make us proud: exemplary social housing, buildings that show off the creativity of our architects, large engineering works that modernize the city and a beautiful nature that surrounds us on the slopes of our hills. OH! Stgo celebrates all that and invites us to be an active part of our city”, says Alberto Larraín, executive director of Fundación ProCultura, co-organizer of OH! Stgo.

Thus, on the third weekend of October, it will be possible to visit different faces of the capital and explore unknown places for many of the citizens. One of them is the Center for Nuclear Studies, which houses the first nuclear reactor built in Chile; climb the recently remodeled Towers of the Metropolitan Cathedral; get to know the Small Family Condominiums in Peñalolén a social housing project that offers an integral solution to the housing deficit; enter the Hindustan Palace, a neoclassical palace conditioned today as an Indian cultural center; or go through how construction site works are executed on site, such as Santiago Airport, which this year will open a tour with virtual reality lenses to see how the work will be once finished.

The mountain areas and hills of the islands will have a leading role this year: in the Yerba Loca Nature Sanctuary and the Ñilhue Bridge Park in Lo Barnechea, a trekking activity will be offered where children over 12 can participate to see condors and learn about local flora. Likewise, the Santiago Metropolitan Park, which is the largest urban park in South America, will have unpublished routes and will inaugurate the Metropolitan Walk, a new pedestrian and cycling corridor that will connect 4 communes. Also, the Anglo American Quilapilún Explorer Park in Colina will allow to know the first Metropolitan Native Flora Research and Dissemination Center, in addition to the Quilapilún Photovoltaic Plant that operates in the sector.

Another of the interesting points of this third version, will be the approach that will be given to some places that will participate and that are open during the year, but that during OH! Stgo can be known from an architectural approach. This is the case of the Bahá’i Temple, in which a sacred architecture conservatory will be held; the Santa Lucia Hill, where a geological route will be made; or the National Center for Contemporary Art, where you can learn about the rehabilitation and conditioning of first level from the story of the architects authors of the project.

We highlight these following where you can find topics regarding visual arts:

Centro Nacional de Artes Contemporáneo Cerrillos | Museo a Cielo Abierto Población Arte y Pérgolas Carrascal | Centro Cultural Lampa | Umbral Plazoleta Negra | Templo Votivo de Maipú Museo del Carmen y Santuario de la Virgen del Carmen | Corporación Por la Paz Villa Grimaldi | Edificio Académico Facultad de las Artes UC y Centro de Extensión Campus Oriente | Taller Camilo Mori | Campus Creativo Universidad Andrés Bello | Cementerio General Recorrido Arquitectura Contemporánea | Recorrido por la obra de los Hermanos Martner | Villa Antumalal | Museo a Cielo Abierto San Miguel | Biblioteca y Centro de Documentación Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes | Centro Cultural La Moneda | Centro de Recreación y Residencia NAVE | Centro de Extensión Instituto Nacional Gral. José Miguel Carrera | Centro GAM | Edificio Gasco | Recorrido por Murales Nemesio Antúnez | Ruta Cerro Santa Lucía-Barrio Arte | Edificio CV Galería | Edificio Tánica | Museo de la Moda

The first version of OH! Stgo -carried out in 2017- welcomed about 16 thousand visitors, while during the 2018 version this figure increased to 25 thousand visitors. “44.7% of those visitors toured a new commune, which I did not know about Santiago, that speaks of a deep segregation. We believe that to make a better city we have to recognize good examples and generate instances of reflection. There are no perfect places in OH! Stgo, but a lot of inspiration that can help us to be actors of change in our own territories”, emphasizes Soledad Díaz de la Fuente.

Another attraction of this version will be the visit to the renowned social housing project Villa Antumalal of the award-winning architect Alejandro Aravena and his Elemental office; the construction of the Tannic Building’s second stage in Vitacura of the famous office + Architects; the authorization of the former catacombs of the National Institute, converted today into an extraordinary Extension Center or the Longovilo Satellite Station, where thanks to its antennas, Chile was the only country in the region that could broadcast the arrival of man to the Moon live. Finally OH! Stgo will be part of the twenty-first Architecture Biennial, so many of the selected works can be visited for free.

“OH Santiago offers a unique opportunity to discover unknown city spaces or that are not usually accessible to the public. In this new version, in addition, there is a special focus on natural spaces and island hills, as an invitation to discover the identity of our city from another perspective, understanding the heritage value of the environment and the contribution it makes to the citizens life. That understanding of the environment promotes the care and respect of that nature that also defines us as Santiago. ” Add René Muga, Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Anglo American.

All places will have free or guided tours, many of them led by leading architects and architects such as Cazú Zegers, Lía Karmelic and Paula Velasco – or by people linked to them, such as the social leader Doris González de Ukamau or Carlos Maillet, architect and National director of the National Cultural Heritage Service in the Benedictine Monastery.

Likewise, CV Gallery in Vitacura will feature a special tour of the architect Cristián Boza, the Campus Oriente Extension Center with Fernando Pérez, the Creative Campus of UNAB with Martín Schmidt, the Social Justice Housing Complex, with the architect and also mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue; the new library of Fundación La Fuente in Huemul neighborhood by Sebastián Irarrázaval and the Adolfo Ibáñez University guided by José Cruz, National Architecture Award.

They will also receive about 300 volunteers, who were trained for the event thanks to the support of the Instituto Nacional de la Juventud (INJUV). All activities are free; some of free access and others that have limited places and require prior registration, which will be done through the social networks of OH! Stgo.

In addition and thanks to the support of the British Council, OH! Stgo has as an international guest; the British visual artist and designer Morag Myerscough, who will give a keynote speech for the launch of OH! Stgo and will participate in several activities during the weekend. Myerscough works by transforming spaces from color and word, creating environments that are inspired by the joy and sense of belonging of its users, and that stand out for their particular visual style. His work has received numerous awards in the United Kingdom and has been published worldwide in magazines and catalogs.



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