Dance | Entreversos, caligrafías del cuerpo: Heterogeneous poetry

Dance is the translation of poetry into the body language, that is Entreversos, caligrafías del cuerpo. The company Cuerpo en Vuelo presents a show that blends dance and lyric until October 6 at Modern School of Music and Dance.

Seven choreographers who devise these presentations are Carolina Bravo, Alicia Pizarro, Silvio Aravena, Sebastián Brown, Javier Muñoz, Andrés Millalonco and Cristian Hewitt. Together, they achieve a coherent look at Chilean poetry from a discipline that moves away from the words on the scene to let the body express, so that the emotion prior to the word that will be poetized is given importance.

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The rhythms vary according to the shades of poetry, the evocation of colors and the strength of emotions. From the first moments, who drink inspiration in the lyric of Elicura Chihuailaf, it is proposed that the different views of the choreographers together with the 7 selected poets a heterogeneous poetry.

“It spins and the fabric spins at its own pace, projects the arms and the garment seems to emerge as words in flames from its mouth”

The Chilean poets are Stella Díaz Varín, Elvira Hernández, Teresa Wilms Montt, Nicanor Parra, Vicente Huidobro, Elicura Chihuailaf and Pedro Lemebel. Each inspires a piece. At the beginning, the group goes from dark clothes to nakedness that must be covered with white clothes. The contrast that identifies the leading figure reveals the loneliness of the artists. Writing as a solitary activity extends over time and is technified in the calligraphy referred to in the title. The detail of the scribe’s work is high, the concentration and, often, loneliness are required to maintain the pulse that holds the pen. The same happens to the dancers of the first play. Black dresses dance in groups, until a naked woman bursts into the scene. A lonely figure who dresses in white, looking to fit but always writing with a different type of ink than the rest. With white write your body as society says. With white the light is not denied.

A piece that stands out is Hirviente boca (Boiling mouth in Spanish). Popular love melodies sound that include a playful version of Kiss Me a lot. Two dancers on stage, one wears an intense red jacket while holding his partner in his arms, at which point they take advantage of the solitude of the stage so that the dancer removes the red jacket with his mouth. Then he folds it and takes it by the neck, holding it with his bite. With the lover’s clothes locking his tongue he tries to speak, seeks to express his uniqueness that is blurred in the couple and fails to communicate. Then it spins and the fabric spins at its own pace, projects the arms and the garment seems to emerge like words in flames from its mouth. The passion he plays is so realistic that he brings out exclamations and cheers from the audience.

The dance company “Body in Flight”, a stable group of the Modern School of Music and Dance, is made up of 15 dancers graduated from the Dance Performer of that institution, born in 2010 and since 2014 is directed by Vivian Romo.

Entreversos, caligrafías del cuerpo

Director: Carolina Bravo, Alicia Pizarro, Silvio Aravena, Sebastian Brown, Javier Muñoz, Andrés Millalonco and Cristian Hewitt.

Interpreters: Compañía Cuerpo en Vuelo.

Outfit: Nibaldo Manríquez.

Illumination: Gonzalo Muñoz.

Musical Edition: Pablo Kappes.

Music Composer (choreography Andrés Millalonco): Tito Cerda.

Company Director: Vivian Romo.

Performances in October

Friday 04, Saturday 05 and Sunday 06

General Ticket  CLP4,000 | Student and Senior CLP2,000

Modern School Cultural Center, Chucre Manzur s/n, Bellavista




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