Universidad de Chile is getting ready for a new version of Foro de las Artes

The fifth edition of this event will include different artistic manifestations, as dance, cinema, painting, poetry, theater, and visual arts, which will lead more than 30 free-entry open activities for all the people. From a close look, this initiative will develop spaces for exhibition, education and reflection about the work done by academicians and gratuated frin the Casa de Bello University.

As 5 years before, the Foro de Las Artes (Arts Forum in Spanish) will be open out in several spaces of Santiago as an instance of education and reflection where the creations that emerge from the Universidad de Chile looks for come critically closer to all places of population. This version will be guided under the topic of “los Futuros Imaginados” (The Imagined Future in Spanish), in order to answer what are the current artistic expression, how the imact in the social background, what effect they create among society, and what the art imagines nowadays.

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This event is organized by the Artistic Creation Directorate (DiCrea) of the Vice-Rectory for Research and Development (VID), together with the Vice-Rectory for Extension and Communications (VEXCom), in collaboration with the Faculties of Art, Architecture and Urbanism, Philosophy and Humanities and the Institute of Communication and Image. Following the tone of the last edition, the activities will be divided between exhibition of artistic works, seminars, spaces for reflection and workshops of creative and artistic processes, incorporating visual arts, cinema, dance, design, music, theater, sound and architecture, among others.

The Vice Chancellor for Research and Development, Flavio Salazar, highlights the value of the Forum and indicates that it is becoming a tradition. “Since we launched it a few years ago, it has been increasing in participation, relevance and dissemination, becoming an element of justice by highlighting a part of the creativity of academics and their productivity that is based on the creation of all The edges of art. It is an event that we are pushing out, because we believe in the interaction with society. The Universidad de Chile cultivates these areas in order to give an impact to the entire community and not only for the well-being of its own artists and its students,” he explained.

In this line, more than 10 international artists will exhibit their works. The central exhibition will be in charge of the outstanding Catalan playwright, Roger Bernat, who since 2008 has focused on creating shows where the audience is invited to be part of the stage. On this occasion, he will display the work “Numax-Fagor-Plus” that questions the responsibility of the individual in art and society. Also, another must-see will be one of the greatest exponents worldwide in sound art, Zimoun (Switzerland), who with his sample “Zimoun” will study and apply facilities at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) of Quinta Normal.

The Vice-Rector for Extension and Communications, Faride Zerán, also valued the internationalization of the event and the relationship between creation and research. “This year we congratulate the international articulation that has been strengthened and that will give us talk beyond our borders. It is already a recognized and expected annual event, which shows the complex task of that art that challenges power, that imagines country projects, that draws the future from a humanistic perspective and committed to these times of great uncertainty. The Universidad de Chile opens every time these meetings take place that invite reflection for action in various communities, ”he added.


In addition to the spaces of the Casa de Bello, works will be presented at both MAC headquarters, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Master Room of the Universidad de Chile Radio, the National Cineteca, the Palacio La Moneda Cultural Center, the Metropolitan Gallery, the Santa Elena Hall, the Cava Gallery of the Municipality of Santiago, and the Cultural Centers of Quilicura, Recoleta, San Joaquín, La Reina and El Bosque.



“Contra la Razón” is the new sample of the Visual Arts professor at the Universidad de Chile, Luis Montes. This work will be presented at the Museo Bellas Artes and represents an ideal instance to reflect a new phase in which Chilean sculpture has entered, where the discursive validity it has to elaborate times and temporalities will be exhibited. In this way, it is again possible to install the human as a parameter of meaning and center of meaning.

For his part, the director of Artistic Creation of the VID, Fernando Gaspar, said that “this 2019 graduates and pre and postgraduate students joined in some of the dance shows and with a selection of short films at the ICEI. This event has a strong relationship with the communities and therefore there are activities that are open calls, which seeks to generate creative spaces and open new practices to the public, always seeking to fulfill our role as a state university. ”

Imagining the future from interdisciplinary art

Within the framework of the Forum and as an activity of critical reflection and social dissemination, from October 8 to 10 the “International Seminar The Imagined Future” will be held at the MAC Forest Park. During the meeting, prominent critics and artists will participate, such as Jacques Leenhardt (Switzerland), Lorena Verzero (Argentina), Daniela Dorfman (Argentina) and Paulo Menezes (Brazil), who will address issues such as temporality and memory in art; the curatories of time; the materiality of a future counter in Latin American cinema; contemporary indigenous art; and feminisms and dissent.

According to Fernando Gaspar, this previous seminar is “an increasingly positioned space, where not only art will be discussed with academics specialized in the subject. Therefore, it is installed as a reflexive effort to dialogue about aesthetic-cultural imaginary, fostering a link between the university, civil society and artistic communities. On the other hand, in the forum there will be four initiatives where Mapuche art is mixed with contemporary art and one of the seminar tables will deepen this theme, becoming a very interesting exchange space”.

For more information about the International Seminar click here: http://uchile.cl/u157610.



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