Nicolás Grum is the Beca Arte CCU 2019 winner

The artist will visit New York to perform a four-month residency at the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), he will exhibit his work in Proxyco Gallery and the CCU Art Hall.

Nicolás Grum won the first place in the fifth issue of the CCU Art grant, an intitiative that allows Chilean artists to develop and place their career at a national and international level. This time, the quilifier committee highlighted the strength of his career and nomination. Meanwhile, the second place was won by Cristóbal Cea and the third by Claudia Müller.

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Nicolás has a degree in Visual by Arts Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. In recent years his work has focused on research around power structures and their various manifestations in different contexts, emphasizing the disparate relations of forces within the social structure. He conceives art as a versatile approach, where observation and adaptation to specific contexts are key, as is humor and criticism.

As part of the award, the winner will hold a four-month artistic residency since February 2020 at the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in Brooklyn, New York, a prestigious and widely recognized place in the international art circuit. He will also hold an individual exhibition at the Proxyco international gallery, in Manhattan, and an exhibition at the CCU Art Hall upon his return in Chile.

During the Grum residence it has been proposed to develop an investigation into an Aymara found in 1899 in a natural state of mummification inside a mine in Chuquicamata. After the discovery, the mummy – known as El hombre de cobre – follows the fate of many archeological elements, human remains, or even living natives of America: it becomes a strange and exotic event, and is bought by a U.S. citizen, who includes it inside a cabinet of curiosities to travel the country of the north with other unusual “objects”, until finally arriving at the Museum of Natural History of New York, where it remains until today, despite several attempts by the Chilean government for its repatriation.

This fifth version of the CCU Art grant had a very favorable reception among national artists, receiving a hundred applications of a very good level. The qualifying committee was composed of Daniela Aravena, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Dirac; Varinia Brodsky, representative of the Ministry of Cultures, Art and Heritage; Daniel Swinburn of El Mercurio Newspaper; Francisca García, representative of the national artistic circuit, and Adrián Gutiérrez and Carolina Hoehmann of CCU. The jura Alejandra Villasmil, curator of the CCU Art grant 2019, measured.

During the Grum residence it has been proposed to develop an investigation into an Aymara found in 1899 in a natural state of mummification inside a mine in Chuquicamata.

This initiative, which is carried out every two years, supports the international development of Chilean artists, promoting dialogue and exchange of experiences and knowledge among creators and institutions linked to world art, with emphasis on the development, dissemination, contact networks and commercialization of their works.

In their previous editions, the winners of the CCU Art grant were the outstanding artists Alejandra Prieto (2011), Raimundo Edwards (2013), Andrés Durán (2015) and Catalina Bauer (2017).

CCU has been supporting national culture in different ways for more than 26 years. The CCU Art grant is part of the “CCU in Art” program, a platform from which various programs have been designed to “Bring Art to the People” contributing to the accessibility and decentralization of culture, to the expansion of the artistic offer and to the diffusion of Chilean art, through the support of artists and their projects.



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