Kassandra, transsexual, prophecy and tragedy

Kassandra by Sergio Blanco brings Casandra closer from the Greek Myths era, she was a Troja princess whose prophecies everybody ingores and a transsexual prostitute that Lucas Balmaceda Pascal perform gracefully and with talent. The performs of this monologue are from Wednesday to Sunday at Microsala of M100 until August 18.

Lucas Balmaceda Pascal is the name of the actor who gives life to Kassandra. Always interacting with the public, she enters offering cigars, fire, a story. It is the story of his pains and the pains of the Kassandra of Troy, blessed with prophecies, cursed so that no one believes in his visions of the future. Condemned to fulfill his tragedy, he decides to laugh. OK?

“She is something else, as difficult to define as the sexuality expressed by Bugs Bunny disguised as a Valkyrie warrior on television”

The conversation that Kassandra engages in English with the public covers topics that are close to the monarchical fantasy of the last time. That is, not Game of thrones, but she  speaks of incest. From a love for another family member – the brother – who finds room for sexual expression. Kassandra says love and sighs. He says love and is loved by his beautiful brother, the prince of Troy. If the Dark series surprises with its treatment of the issue of interfamily relations, Kassandra will be a worthy exponent of the conceptions of love that one had in ancient Greece. Forbidden love will be the main concern of the transsexual teen until the prophetic trance possesses her mind and the stage.

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The Princess of Troy is relieved by the emergence of a projection that crosses the actor’s head with a beam of light, generating a change of light and sound and the appearance of a gray long-eared mask like the Lucky Rabbit. Bugs Bunny enters the scene: there are laughs and jumps. The painting contrasts with the Greek tragedy, with the kings who do not accept to see their son turned into Kassandra. Then, he carries out one of his prophecies: “That’s it, folks.” OK? Kassandra asks. OK.

Meanwhile, in the present the protagonist talks about her fascination with Paris. Glamor Of all that has been denied. That he is not a woman and is rejected. He is not a man and is rejected. She is something else, as difficult to define as the sexuality expressed by Bugs Bunny disguised as a Valkyrie warrior on television, making laughs by ridiculing the male hunters. Wearing a semi-transparent gown, Kassandra walks through her apartment before leaving to attend her next client. Let the time go and transparent his life before the audience, his story of gifts and denials. She needs to work with her body until she can pay her gender change. She is enslaved to have freedom.

Tragic, the protagonist goes through pain after pain. She reads luck in hands, sell scigarettes, talks about the Trojan War. Lucas Balmaceda Pascal (Los 80, 99 La morgue) makes a display of talent on stage in one of his latest works in Chile before leaving to study a master’s degree in acting at Juilliard. Kassandra reads the fate in her hand, the pain of war, the transition of her body that none of the writers of the classical tragedies knew how to deal with. Troy burns and nobody listens to the protagonist.

The team of Balmaceda, Gaspar, De la Maza and Araya prepares for the second half of 2019 La Ira de Narciso (also by Sergio Blanco). The work, directed this time by Lucía de la Maza and performed by Freddy Araya, is presented as the last part of a trilogy based on Greek mythology, which started in 2017 with Tebas Land.

The comedic attitude that the protagonist has to face her tragedy makes this work a genre as fresh as that of Kassandra herself. Under the direction of Soledad Gaspar, Kassandra has functions in M100 until August 18.

That’s all folks!


Playwright: Sergio Blanco | Director: Soledad Gaspar | Performer: Lucas Balmaceda | Productor: Lucía de la Maza | Associate Productor: Cultura Capital | Sound Design: Damián Noguera | Stage Design: Zorra Vargas | Assistant Design: Manuel Morgado | Visual: Gomar Fernández, Laura Baigorria, Francisca Nardecchia | Photographs: Lucas Quintana | Trailer: Tomás Duarte.

Microsala. 08/01 to 08/18. Wednesday to Saturday, 8:30 p.m., Sunday 7.30 p.m. CLP6,000 general. CLP3,000 students, seniors, Wednesday and Thursday popular. 55 min. +12.



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