The Dirac 2020 Contest call is open so Chilean cultural projects can be presented abroad

From July 29 is available the Dirac 2020 Contest, so Chilean artist and Chilean embassies that are abroad apply with cultural project to be presented abroad.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Cultural Issues’ Direction, Dirac (by its Spanish acronym), this 2019 celebrates 10 years from its first call, opening a new platform that makes the application process easy and which, among other changes, will register the applicant info in a profile that will be kept for future issues.

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As in previous years, the Contest has two lines of application: one for artists and one for embassies, consulates and missions of Chile abroad. All must be done on the website from where the user will be redirected to a new and improved platform. Both the bases and the forms, the list of mandatory documents by artistic area, the frequently asked questions and the glossary, are available on the same site.

For this 2020 Contest, 56 percent of Dirac’s budget is available to co-finance the winning projects.

Last year 104 projects benefited from visual arts, architecture, crafts, cinema, dance, design, literature, music, folk music, folk music, heritage, theater and translation. All with a score equal to or greater than 90 points.

The director of Dirac, Maritza Parada says that “this instance of support for artistic dissemination allows us to align ourselves with foreign policy, making known high-quality cultural and projects that represent our country in other nations.”

The Contest is a tool created by Dirac to collaborate in the work of Chilean representations abroad, through the positive dialogue that occurs in the dissemination and exchange of cultural expressions with other communities.

Also, since last year a special effort has been made to increase the participation of projects belonging to artists and creators of regions, cultural centers, museums, universities, municipalities and other institutions related to cultural development. This through internationalization seminars coordinated with local authorities, governments, and the Regional Cooperation Directorate of this Ministry, giving talks about the Contest.

In addition, this version has as an official logo an image of the Selk’nam, which gives continuity to the tribute to the original peoples of the previous editions. In 2018 the Rapanui people were relieved and in 2017, the Diaguitas.

The closing of the Contest is scheduled for Friday, October 4 at midnight.

The annual call constitutes one of the pillars of the work of this institution and the programming of each year also includes alliances and proposals with other institutions and foundations dedicated to culture.

All this speaks of a foreign policy that values ​​culture as a vital element for the dissemination of our country image and for the strengthening of ties of friendship and understanding with other nations.

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