Boom Boom Kid | “Just as the music I make, collage is a therapy for me”

Singer, composer, writer and incursionist in visual arts through collage. Well known as Nekro or Boom Boom Kid, Carlos Rodríguez shocks everyone with his multifaceted skills in different artistic fields, carrying out his first solo exhibition in March 2019 at BLOC Art, Perú, and participating in the Argentinian fair MAPA.

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Undoubtedly draws attention to how this figure of Argentine punk rock is able to enter the arts market and receive the welcome of gallerists, artists and curators who remember having heard their music years ago. That’s why in an interview with AAL, Boom Boom Kid tells us a little more about this new facet of his career:

How does your collage come up? In which way did you start making them and why?

They come up because I have the need to do nice things on the walls of my house or in the van when I go on a trip. I have a folder where I keep pieces of paper and pictures that I cut by hand, that’s why what they see in the exhibition includes all kinds of materials, about that game, I adorn my house and I stop thinking about bad things. I love it, I enjoy it, I like it and it helps because it is therapeutic, just as the music I make, the collage is a therapy for me.

Your songs have stories and Poetics, Do you relate them with collage? In which way?

They are totally related between each other, it is therapeutic and it is my way of putting color where there isn’t.

How has the reception of your pieces been by the crowd?

Great, everyone loved it. They asked me questions and that means they were interested. There was a lot of repercussion in Buenos Aires as well. I had previously done a sample of my feature film and shorts in Suaya, Argentina. I liked that in Lima those who attended was a very interesting audience, sharing with them was the most beautiful thing.

What concepts does your visual work cross?

It’s my madness to put color where not. Do not stop playing, let me be. Every time I stay 3, 4 or 5 days in a place I am already putting together songs and making collage.



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