Raymonda | A 8-year-old dialogue

On last week end was presented the classic ballet, Raymonda, amidst the performances of Pequeño Municipal. All of those who attended this Municipal de Santiago program would notice that it is one of the most useful instances of the country to start educating children in the culture world, for they to be used to getting closer to the theater, to price it, to enjoy and know both dance and opera and musical instruments in concerts.

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Foto: Patricio Melo.
Photo: Patricio Melo.

Usually, children under 12 years fill the seats of the Municipal with the adults who accompany them. They generate questions, questions, shouts and give life to works that are presented through a narrator or someone who makes the stories more enjoyable so that everyone can understand them. On this occasion, the Municipal started the 2019 season with the Raymonda ballet.

The curtains open and the narrator enters the scene. The most striking is the scenery that stands out above any other element of the stage, and immediately begins the narration of the complete story, from beginning to end. A story told for the children of the audience.

–          “I didn’t want to hear the story, I wanted to see it and understand it, said Lucía, a 8-year-old girl, after expressing amazement by the staging and asking who had made it.

If the scenography draws attention is because its creator, Pablo Núñez, realizes scenes loaded to the baroque with a great visual quality. His works flood the senses and transfer us – in this case – to what were the Byzantine churches, the medieval palaces, where the gilding, the decorations, the columns (Greek or Roman, in Lucia’s words), the moldings, the forests, the lamps, everything, alludes to a time where the decoration filled the view. The fabrics of the costumes (another of the elements highlighted by Lucia during the show), show the quality from afar either by the colors (which are scarcely found in the country), by the brightness, cuts or the design that is well he works in theater workshops. And how could children not hallucinate with these assemblies and productions? Yes, finally, for them the world is a fantasy and these scenarios are made true.

Foto: Patricio Melo.
Photo: Patricio Melo.

Generally, children do not identify in the theater the different artistic areas that are involved in the scene: lighting, script, set design, costumes, choreography, singing, music, among others. But my daughter, Lucia, with 8 years of age yes, because her father is a pianist and she teaches him about music since he was born; and with me he visits exhibitions, launches books and attends the Small Municipal whenever we can. Since he has memory, he has been taught about the different types of arts involved in montages, the concepts and research generated by contemporary visual art, he has been taught the differences between illustration and texts in books and how each one helps to complement the other, and can distinguish instruments just by listening to them, among many other skills that we have helped develop. And about Raymonda his observations left me impressed because he always responds from places that adults do not expect.

“What I liked the most was the staging and the outfit”

Foto: Patricio Melo.
Photo: Patricio Melo.

The adaptation of the ballet that was made for the Small Municipal, managed to captivate the look of the children. The extension of the work, on the other hand, caught the attention of exceedingly because it exceeded the customary limit and even became a bit extensive. And here the look of Lucia to the fundamental questions about any work:

What was you liked the most?

What I liked the most was the staging and the outfit. It was wonderful, above all the Raymonda’s one when was golden.

I also liked the Hungarian dance, when they four danced alone. And when the bad guy danced.

Foto: Patricio Melo.
Photo: Patricio Melo.

What was you liked the least?

The narrator, I didn’t want to hear the story. I wanted to see it and understand it …

Would you have understood it without the narrator?

Of course, I would have.

What else didn’t like you?

The beginning, when the characters were presented to the king.

And the length of the piece… What about it?

It was great, I liked very much.

Do you recommend it to a friend?

Yes, I definitely do. I would say to her that is a beautiful story, that the staging is amazing, that the story is funny and she has to come and see it.

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