AAL collection will be exhibited in Peru during Art Lima days

As part of a roaming program of Arte Al Límite collection, the Espacios Experimentales exhibition will be carried out together with Bloc Art, during the week of the well-known Art Lima fair, between April 3rd and 8th.

With the aim of spreading the contemporary art to an international level and specially those art pieces that are part of the AAL Collection, the acknowledged editorial decided to exhibit outside of Chile. In 2018 it started the roaming in Colombia iside of Barcú fair with Mentiras Triviales sample, which had great reception. After that, the White Lies sample was carried oyt in L.A. Art Show, Los Angeles, California, in the DIVERSEartLA curated section.

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Colección AAL se expondrá en Los Ángeles, California

Colección AAL se expondrá en Bogotá

Philip Klawitter, Microinfinito, 2018, instalación, medidas variables.
Philip Klawitter, Microinfinito, 2018, installation, variable dimensions.

On this occasion, the exhibition Espacios Experimentales, curated by Elisa Massardo, editor of the magazine and in charge of the collection, seeks to present controversial issues due to its form of creation, history or visuality. In this way the works have been cataloged in four sections:

  • Body: space where the human body is questioned through the work of various visual artists. What is the body? How is it addressed from contemporary visual art? The artists that answer these questions are Géza Szöllősi (Hungary), Sofi Zezmer and Heide Hatry (both from Germany), Omar Castañeda and Martha Amorocho (both from Colombia), Claudia Coca (Peru), María Villanueva (Argentina), Genietta Varsi (Peru), Sebastián Mahaluf (Chile), Nacho Gamma (Spain) and Sol Mateo (Bolivia).
  • Systems: here we see creation processes that, through the use of technology, achieve a mixture of concepts that link nature with natural laws and the human being from the ideology. The artists in this section are Diego Lama (Peru), Katja Loher (Germany) and Antuan (Cuba).
  • Immersion: a space in which the way of creating works is made even more complex through works that generate sensory immersive experiences with the work of Diana Medina (Colombia), and the creation of micro-worlds through a research of six years of the artist Philip Klawitter (Chile).

Diana Medina, PZP00, 2015, serie de instalaciones multisensiorales, medidas variables

Diana Medina, PZP00, 2015, series of multisensory installations, variable measures


  • Transgression: the fourth section adresses the historical perspective on creation, questioning the twentieth century through experimentation and revolutions created by social movements around the world, including street protest and the use of collage as a means of expression. The work of the guest artist, Boom Boom Kid, will be exhibited.

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About Bloc Art

Bloc Art is an alternative project of contemporary art that was born three years ago, with the intention of creating a link between consumers of art, works and artists, understanding as consumers both collectors, art lovers, managers, among others.


They currently represent around 25 Peruvian artists and seek to reach a national and international audience. Among their specific actions, they hold exhibitions, sales of works, workshops and direct links with artists.


Heide Hatry, Holly Barnes, 2014, Técnica mixta (partículas de cenizas sueltas, carbón de abedul pulverizado, polvo de mármol blanco y cera de abejas), 35.5 x 27.9 cm
Heide Hatry, Holly Barnes, 2014, Mixed media (loose ash particles, pulverized birch charcoal, white marble powder and beeswax), 35.5 x 27.9 cm


Omar Castañeda
Sofi Zezmer_American Dream LS1 Pink, 2009, materiales sinteticos, metal y vidrio, 30 x 25 x 18 cm.
Sofi Zezmer_American Dream LS1 Pink, 2009, synthetic materials, metal and glass, 30 x 25 x 18 cm.
Sebastián Mahaluf, Línea de Tierra, 2016, video, 7.20 min.
Sebastián Mahaluf, Línea de Tierra, 2016, video, 7.20 min.
Claudia Coca_MY KINGDOM FOR A MAKE-UP_ 2013, cerámica, 20 x 60 x 30 cm
Claudia Coca_MY KINGDOM FOR A MAKE-UP_ 2013, ceramics, 20 x 60 x 30 cm

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