The artwolrd moves to Madrid!

The week of art is in Madrid, from February 27 until March 3, with the arrival of the most important fairs of art of the city.

Among the most commented for the American Continent is the invitation from ARCO to Peru as a guest country, which is why there will be an exclusive pavilion inside the fair where will be performed several bordering exhibitions in the city with Peruvian artists.

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So, if you are visiting Madrid, living there or you travel there for the fairs, this is a perfect time for you to tour all these spaces:

ARCO – Ifema

From February 27 to March 3, you can visit ARCO in Ifema (Convention Center) located a few kilometers from the airport. Characterized as a conceptual fair, the galleries also include the historical avant-garde, contemporary classics and contemporary art.

Huanchaco (Perú), artista de la Galería Isabel Aninat (Chile)
Huanchaco (Perú), artist of the Isabel Aninat Gallery (Chile)

This year, a total of 203 galleries from 31 countries will participate, of which 166 are part of the General Program, adding to them the curated sections: ´Perú en ARCO´, with a selection of 24 artists from 15 galleries; ‘Dialogos’, with 13 galleries and’Opening’, with 21.


Between February 27 and March 3, this fair will be located in the Crystal Gallery of the Cibeles Center. This time, with more than 40 galleries and almost 200 artists, including 10 galleries participating for the first time, form the 14th edition of Art Madrid.

Among the novelties of this year, is the guest artist: Rubén Martín de Lucas, who will present his new project at the fair, as well as perform different actions where the public can participate in its creative process. The organization has highlighted from its work: “the connection of the individual with the nature and the territory”, in addition to “its constant evolution and exploration of new expressive languages ​​through painting, photography or video”.

Ruben Martin de Lucas-Imagen de 'Republica Minima 1'
Ruben Martin de Lucas-Imagen de ‘Republica Minima 1’


In February 2019 JUSTMAD celebrates its tenth anniversary. For this special edition, JUSTMAD is presented in style at the Neptune Palace, next to the square of the same name and on the Paseo del Arte de Madrid. With 60 exhibitors and a strong and renewed commitment to young art, ten years are celebrated with collectors, gallerists, artists and all the professionals who have accompanied the event in Madrid during this time.

Oosterplas - cairn 2018
Oosterplas – cairn 2018

“In 10 years many things have happened, and we have lived on the front line, like all the artistic sector, the deepest crisis of our time”, point out from JUSTMAD.

Despite the difficulties, this fair, born to support young art and the riskiest bets, has survived and has established itself as the main fair dedicated to the discoveries and the vanguard of art in Spain.

Guillermo García Cruz. Galería Diana Saravia, Uruguay
Guillermo García Cruz. Galería Diana Saravia, Uruguay
Chingsum Jessye Luk - Galeria Set Espai d'art
Chingsum Jessye Luk – Galeria Set Espai d’art



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