2nd version of Fenix: Illustration National Festival. Illustrating Viña del Mar

In Plaza Maria Luisa Bombal located in Valparaíso St. 404, Viña del Mar from 12:00 until 19:00 p.m. will be carried out the 2nd version of Fenix: Illustration National Festival with different activities like workshops, talks and shows for the family, the festival will have free entry for all Viña del Mar community.


This Festival aim is to promote and make the art known in the city of Viña del Mar, through exhibitions of great artists’ creations, both local as other regions, that will arrive to the city in order to broaden this session with their pieces and through making workshops for the local artists.


This second version will have different open activities for all attendants, activities related to the creation, broadcast, and experimentation in various art areas of illustration in general. The festival will also count on the presence of great exponents of the illustration, and other related areas, who will give talks and workshops of free entry to the crowd.

In the following you can see some of the activities you will find in the festival:

Workshops and Talks

– Copic Markers

– Consistency of argument

– The Illustrator journey

– Anatomy for Cómic

– Creation of Characters

– Presentation of the new publications of Pezarboreo Ediciones

– Porcelain accesories

– Sending files to a press, from perkin to ninja

– Inks and graffitos

– Ink wash


You are invited to enjoy with your Friends and family of all the activities of Fenix: Illustration National Festival.

For more information visit the following pages:

Instagram: @fenixfestivaldeilustracion

Facebook event: Fenix 2019 Festival Nacional de Ilustración


Organisation and Production: Colectivo La Madriguera, Industria Friki and Amuse Producciones

Sponsor: Municipality of Viña del Mar and Fomento Productivo

Press contact: Nicol Herraz Reveco





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