ARTBO program opens its call for empirical artists

The Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, through its program of arts ARTBO, together with IDARTES support, invites all empirical artists living in Bogotá to participate in the ARTBO training initiatie | Coach 2019.

All interested people can register in advance between February 1 and 20 in, fill in the form and affix the requested information (a brief biography, description of your experience in the art field, and portfolio.

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The result of the pre-registration stage will be published on Monday, February 25, on the ARTBO website and the pre-selected will be contacted to begin the interview stage between February 26 and March 9.

The juries and coaches of the program will select 90 participants who will be announced on March 11. On Saturday, March 16, the inaugural session will be held and on March 23, the program will begin at the Kennedy Headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá.

  The selected group will have the opportunity to attend 120 hours of modules, workshops, classes and exercises related to the study, production and materialization of creative processes in the artistic field. There will also be a forum open to the public on the relationship between art and pedagogy.

As an integral part of the training process, the proposal includes the realization of four collective closing exhibitions during the month of November, in different exhibition spaces of the city, in order to create a space for the meeting and the socialization of the results. For the implementation of this training initiative, ARTBO has the support of the Mayor of Bogotá through the IDARTES.

Who can participate

In ARTBO | Coach can participate artists of legal age living in Bogota with or without professional training, who do not have commercial representation of a gallery. Eligible candidates will not be those who have already participated in program activities in the last five years. Priority will be given to the proposals of artists who have not undergone any kind of arts training program and who demonstrate skills for the development of the program.

Cover picture: Santiago Vélez.



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