Theater | La Corrupta, From Chiloé with love

And I can change your name,

But I won’t change the history,

Whatever is your name,

For me you are glory.

– Secreto de Amor – Joan Sabatino

Guido Bustamante was the name printed in his identity card, but her name was always Marisol del Carmen, better known as “La Corrupta” (the Corrupt in Spanish). This mounting, inspired in the story of the most popular transvestite of the city of Castro, recover through memory different acts of her personal and professional life, which after her death would help him to remember who she was.

In the context of the International Festival Santiago Off, the team of La Corrupta decided to travel to the capital to tell the life and work of Marisol del Carmen, which had already had its premiere in October 2018 at the Cultural Center of Castro, Chiloé. After his success and good comments from neighbors, friends and relatives of “La Corrupta”, its director Álex Córdova and the company’s members presented the work for three days in the Patricio Bunster room of Matucana 100.

Funded by the National Fondart, La Corrupta is the product of intense research and reporting about the life of Marisol del Carmen. The company conducted a series of interviews and visited significant places for the Chilote character, in addition to knowing the stories of those who knew him. This interdisciplinary work, in which images and recordings were collected, was used as a complement to the acting work to understand the character as a whole, from a real perspective and not from simple fiction.

Guido Bustamante, played by the actor Agustín “Cucho” Moya, wakes up after his death. It is not on earth, nor in heaven. The first person he meets is with his mother, then the love of his life, the animator of the circus where he presented his shows, his friends the corrupt and even Jesus of Nazarene, characters that help him understand their value and his story.

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Through this poetic journey, Marisol del Carmen goes through her memories and experiences on the island. Some are charged with rejection and discrimination for wanting to be a woman in a “small town” like Castro, while others reflect the love and love that their closest friends had. Set with live music, La Corrupta seeks to reflect on its transformation and sexual minorities, affirming that we are not so different and that there should be more understanding among ourselves. “Learning to love ourselves as we were not loved”, says in his final speech under the melody of “Secret of Love” by Joan Sabatino.

Source: El Ciudadano

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Data Sheet

Director: Álex Córdova.

Dramaturgist: Carlo Urra López.

Managing Assistant: María José Iturrieta Chacón.

Dance and movement: Leticia Lizama.

Staff: Agustín Moya Poblete, María José Iturrieta Chacón, Bastián Del Río Ramírez, Aaron Grey, Sebastián Ayala Alveal.

Set and illumination design: Katiuska Valenzuela.

Make up artist: Camilo Saavedra.

Graphic Design: Paola Córdova Vega.

Audiovisual: Fernando Aguirre Iturrieta.

General producer: Bastián Del Río Ramírez.

Musicians: Pablo Fuentes Catalán, Alonso Venegas Vásquez.

Stage director: Álvaro Pérez.

Custom design: Laura Zavala.



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