AAL Collection will be exposed in Los Angeles, California at L.A. Art Show

As part of a roaming program of Arte Al Límite collection, White Lies will be exhibited at L.A. Art Show, between December 23 and 27.

With the intention of spreading contemporary art internationally and, especially to those who are part of the AAL Collection, the renowned publishing house has decided to hold exhibitions outside of Chile. In this way, he began exhibiting in Colombia in 2018 the exhibition White Lies that was very well received by the public that attended the Barc Art Festival. Continuing with this unprecedented initiative will expose part of the collection with a similar theme in L.A. Art Show, Los Angeles, California, in the curated section DIVERSEartLA.

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White Lies is the name of the exhibition, curated by Elisa Massardo, editor of the journal and in charge of the collection; along with the critic and Cuban curator, Daniel G. Alfonso. The contemporary art collection of the journal has more than 800 pieces, among them 18 selected works that are linked among them because of their political and controversial nature in each one.

The basis of the exhibition, the curators point out, is to show through these works, how the political act itself is a manifestation of power that seeks to control, dominate and manage the masses. At the same time that seeks to show how everything is a falsehood, from street demonstrations to immigration and censorship, are manifestations of power that often give false feelings of freedom, which help promote political success and are manipulated for such results. Thus, the citizen deceived constantly “believing” that a manifestation is synonymous with freedom.


Among the artists that are going to exhibit we can found; the Chilean National award winner Guillermo Núñez, along with Camila Lobos (Chilean as well); the Colombian Fernando Arias, María Eugenia Trujillo; Miguel Aguirre, Diego Lama, Eduardo Villanes, Hugo Vásquez, from Peru; Adonis Flores and Jesús Hdez-Güero from Cuba; from Bolivia, Gastón Ugalde; Sandra Mann, from Germany; Sergio Fasola from Argentina; and Evelyn Bencicova from Slovakia.




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