Housing plan 2015 – 2045 | Three abandonment decades

After being victims of an alluvium of mud and toxic waste in March 2015, a group of neighbors of Chañaral decided to create a community work plan to rebuild their houses. This plan is censured by the government due to high contamination levels in the area, turning it into an uninhabitable place for living beings. Anyway, the neighbors are taking up a fight that will last three decades, until 2045, enough time for the community to rise and be ready to face another inevitable natural disaster in the city.

How to rebuild a port and the hopes of neighbors who see their life in Chañaral unviable? How to face the defeats, lies and duels that entails a place destined to the tragedy? The Assembly Housing Plan 2015 – 2045, of Compañía Limitada, raises these doubts exposing the life of different inhabitants of the city, their dreams, fears and struggles on an almost damn land.

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Re-selected for the new version of the International Festival Santiago a Mil, the work created by Bosco Cayo and directed in conjunction with the Compañía Limitada, is a mixture of voices and experiences built from real stories. Divided into three parts, each decade demonstrates the journey experienced by more than ten characters on stage, in the context of the uprising of a city that many give for lost, including the government itself.

Under the principle of Collective Scenic Narrative, the Limited Company stands out from its beginnings to implement a methodology of community work, where all the actors participate in the construction of the story and the assembly. That is how they have premiered three previous productions: Yo te pido por todos los perros de la calle (2012), Limítrofe la pastora del sol (2013) and Taltal (2014).

Compañía Limitada (Source: El Desconcierto)

Another challenge taken by the company in Housing Plan was to interpret more than ten characters with only five actors on stage, forcing the artists to handle an important work of multiplicity of voices and bodies to distinguish the different stories. At first it is confusing to understand, but they never lose the rhythm of the story or the characterization.
To start the creative process, the team moved to Chañaral in order to feed on testimonies and make part of the text known. They made a dramatized reading to the Communal Union of neighborhood council and shared with the community of the Liceo Federico Varela, occasions in which they could dialogue and collect experiences of those affected and survivors of this tragedy, which is still latent.

On the development of montage and motivation, the playwright affirms that “it is difficult to separate the moment in which writing a work, which dealt with houses after natural catastrophes, would become a personal work.” We were not only going to investigate about the destruction of the houses, but also to the people and families, it becomes personal: an aunt appears, the family, your childhood home, the house of the grandfather swallowed by a river, the cousins, a landscape in the mind “.

Housing Plan 2015 – 2045 is part of the 2019 program of the Santiago a Mil Festival and its last function will be this Wednesday, January 9 at 8:00 p.m. at the Sidarte Theater (Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue 131, Barrio Bellavista). The value of general entry is CLP6,000


Data Sheet

Dirección Compañía Limitada

Dramaturgy Bosco Cayo

Staff Igancia Agüero, April Gregory, Verónica Medel, Bosco Cayo, Jaime Leiva

General production Juan Anania

Executive Production Hugo Navarro

Management and production Assistant Diego Hernández

Scenographic Design Miguel Alvayay y Compañía Limitada

Lighting design Juan Anania

Sound design Santiago Farah

Graphic design Hugo Navarro

Technical manager Matías Segura



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