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Lina Bello is a young artist that tips cheerful colors of her native Colombia out onto her abstract paintings, creating pieces of a great variety in tones able to give life to spaces that they are put. Moreover, she strongly believes that art can be everywhere, that is why she intervenes everyday objects like turntables, mats and chairs among others, making exclusive and personalized designs for day to day.

The spatula and the acrylic paints are the tools of @lina_bello_art to create the freshness that their projects evoke, and their artistic declaration is; “Any space deserves a picture”.

Why do you feel passionate about color?

Since she was very small, I have had a huge fixation for color. I think that color can stimulate creativity, generate emotions, increase productivity and transform spaces.

How is that “Every space deserves a painting” like?

Any space, no matter how small or large, deserves to have a bit of joy through the colors of a painting. An office, a restaurant, a kitchen and even a bathroom … can have one. I love making custom paintings, designed for those spaces where you never imagined you could have art!

My aim is to show that a painting really transforms a space, I want people to be encouraged to color those places where they have nothing at the moment, and they will surely change completely with a little art.

Why do you create intervened objects with paint?

If there is something that I like in life, it is originality.

Creativity inspires me, motivates me, is part of my life, I really like the original places, the authentic people and the personalized objects. I love taking art to the tangible. I think it is useful and unique.

For that reason, what better than to have in your house a piece that nobody else has?

Could it be an alternative to buy paintings?

Yes! I think it’s another way to have art in your house. I like good food, that’s why I wanted to create elements that complement it and make a unique “table styling”.

For example, the individual sets are all different, it’s like having 6 different pictures on your table.

How do you choose the range of colors you use?

I choose them according to the moment. I like that they are impressive, that they can be combined and that they serve for all seasons, some would say that the paintings with bright colors are only for the summer, but it seems to me that these paintings in winter, make life happier.

What can you tell us about your work tools?

I use brushes and brushes of different sizes, but the spatula is my favorite because when you paint with it everything you do becomes very unpredictable, then any stroke is unique and if you mix it with more paintings of other colors, the result is better.

What happens to you when you paint?

Color fills my soul, sometimes I spend hours painting and I realize I have not eaten, but I’m not even hungry! Painting for me is a state of fullness, obviously it is very important to paint with music, that is fundamental.

In which way does your art innovate in Chile?

In countries like Colombia, Mexico, the United States and Australia, you see a lot of color, both in people’s houses and in art fairs and that seems to me the best! I have always liked to involve colors in the decoration, but keeping the balance.

I feel that here in Chile are a bit more sober in terms of color, so I see precisely the opportunity to invite everyone to decorate their spaces with colorful abstract art, and dare to have something different.

This will only make them like to stay longer in that place.

Color optimizes everything!

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