Santiago is filled with music this new 2019 season

Symphonic concerts, international orchestras and soloist presentations of highest standard are part of the innovations that this new concert series brings. The Theatre of Santiago, the CorpArtes Foundation and the Artistic and Cultural Extension Center (CEAC) of the Universidad de Chile are some of the institutions that updated already their program.

The most important Theater of Santiago is in charge of opening the 2019 season of concerts. One of the main surprises of its program is the presence of Chilean and Latin American composers, among them Miguel Farías with her work Nocturno, Enrique Soro with Tres aires chilenos and Roberto Falabella with Dos divertimenti para orquesta de cuerdas. To them is added the Argentinian Alberto Ginastera and the Puerto Rican Roberto Sierra, who are part, along with pieces of Messiaen and Debussy, of a concert that will conduct Maximiano Valdés.

Three major releases will also be presented, two of which will have an absolute or world debut: Nocturno by composer Miguel Farías, author of the work El Cristo de Elqui released in 2018, and the winning work of the II Concurso de Composición. You can also see an important work by the renowned Austrian composer Arnold Schönberg, Gürre-Lieder, cycle of songs with piano accompaniment arranged for five soloists, reciter, choir and large orchestra.

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Among symphonies and chorale concerts

Marked by the process of transition to the new concert hall that is being built in Vicuña Mackenna 20, the National Symphony Orchestra will begin its 2019 season in March with the presentation of the outstanding national director Helmuth Reichel, who will direct works by Copland, Stravinsky, Beethoven, Brahms and Bartok. Other Chilean composers such as Gustavo Becerra, Leni Alexander and Cirilo Vila will also be part of this program, to name a few.

Source: Symphonic Orchestra of Chile

For its part, the Symphonic Choir and the Vocal Camerata of the University of Chile will tackle works rarely seen by the public on national stages, among them, Romántica by Antonín Dvorák, Stabat Mater, and the premiere in Chile of the Cantata Misericordium, by Benjamin Britten.

Both groups seek to surprise this year: the Symphonic Choir will address the secular Cantata Walpurgisnacht, by Felix Mendelssohn, and the Symphonie des Psaumes, by the great Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. The Vocal Camerata, on the other hand, will offer a choral season with three concerts with repertoires from different periods: the first will be dedicated to the influence of Gregorian chant in twentieth-century music, highlighting the work of the Swiss composer Frank Martin. The second will be a tribute to the French composer Francis Poulenc for its 120th anniversary and the third event is related to the history of folkloric music in our continent, combining pre-Columbian music and music written after the arrival of European settlers.

You can check the whole CEAC billboard of the Universidad de Chile here

Source: Symphonic Orchestra of Chile

Musica for all

With the aim that more people can enjoy different groups and artists of national and international renown, the CorpArtes Foundation presents Grandes Conciertos Fuera de Abono, which will feature an additional concert by the London Symphony Orchestra with the direction of Simon Rattle and a second presentation of Maisky Trio.

Monteverdi Choir (Source:

One of the must-see directors of this new year is the British John Elliot Gardiner, winner of two Grammy awards and more Gramophones Award than any living artist, who will perform for the first time in Chile on November 8. Together with the Monteverdi Choir and the English Baroque Soloists, Gardiner will present his program loaded with baroque sounds.

In the context of the 5th Season of International Grand Concerts, the cultural center hosted seven presentations between April and November of 2019, including performances by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra with Kent Nagano and the duo of French pianists Katia & Marielle Labèque.



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