Women in Chilean Music: the invisibility of a legacy

The book delves into the low positioning that women in Chilean Rock have had since 1960, relating the different experiences of artists, journalists and members of the industry with the current feminist movement.

In recent times, Chilean society has faced a profound paradigm shift regarding gender roles and the equality of women in the system. This questioning has affected various spaces, including music. Yasna Rodríguez, through this research, decides to find out if women’s work in this artistic field has been made invisible, based on the strong legacy of Violeta Parra as an inspiration for Chilean and world music.

The journalist Yasna Rodríguez launched on November 27 her winning research of the “Publica Tu Tesis  2018”  prize of the School of Journalism of the University of the Americas. “Mujeres en la música chilena: la invisibilización de un legado” (Women in Chilean music: the invisibility of a legacy) was presented in the company of the singer Yorka Pastenes, member of the Yorka pop duo, and Wilma Saavedra, coordinator of the race.

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Regarding the origin and motivation of the topic, Yasna affirms that “the existing literature is more focused on talking about gangs of men or of male biographies.” It was a coincidence that my research arose in the context of this mobilization. it did not exist, but there are situations and stories that show that they do exist, for example, to be told that they play well to be women or that they play like men. ”

Through the voices of the protagonists, the legacy and female work in Chilean rock-pop and the different situations that have had to live in a society that, although progress has been made, there is still masculine supremacy. In this regard, the author says that “women should contribute to gender equality, to show all the work we have done in different areas.”

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Yorka contributed with his story in the investigation and declares that his main reason is to help in the creation of a material that did not exist. “There are a lot of female journalism students who have approached me and many of the musicians that are working on the independent scene in Chile, it’s a problem that was clearly not seen, that our absence on stage was normalized in Chile as well in the world. The more women are seen on stage, the more girls will want to be part of this musical world. “



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