Art recognition to Mapuche people in GAM

Todan November 19th.

Place: Central Square GAM (Alameda 227, Universidad Católica subway station)

19.00 hours


Contemporary dance piece by Ricardo Curaqueo that reinterprets the Mapuche worldview and a casto f 16 Mapuche women of different ages and activities. Best piece of Dance of Critics Cicle award 2017.


19.30 hours

Mapuche rite and cast reading


19.45 h

Citizen choirs

“Arauco tiene una pena” will be the song that the citizen choir is going to interpret, a Gopal and Visnu Ibarra project that gathers voices between 8 and 80 years from different professions and that have received a monthly training of singing and acting.


20.00 hours


Led by the notable Chilean choreographer José Vidal, a group of dancers will take action in the public space inviting the audience to live a collective experience regarding body, movement and dance.



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