“I have no friends, I have loves” | A profile in quotes of Pedro Lemebel

“This is a poor country, although it surely has a bright future and prosperity that is reflected in its malls and its synthetic palms, in a country whose soul is fading out”

–          Pedro Lemebel.

As if the reader were a clairvoyant the book “I have no friends, I have loves” is presented in black and only with some phrases, which little by little are surrounding who reviews carefully those pages, who reads every single letter imaging Pedro Lemebel miming every single quote that were taken from different interviews and organized in such a way that it generates a coherent speech, divided in topics of interest that traverse the writer’s life.

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From his parents’ stories, his origin in Zanjón de la Aguada, his origin in writing and that anecdote in which Pedro Mardones (father) was photographed by a “cuento homosexualísimo”, the author states. Until the last days of the artist when his voice –which the cancer tried to shut- was stronger and more listened than ever. Embracing personal issues, and life complexes, the book presents an interesting proposal, not only for the complex work of reading, rereading, classifying every quote, but because it reflex certain tenets, thoughts, reflections, and stances of Lemebel.

It is as if the same writer was playing on Radio Tierra or in some interview, and told the reader his opinion about his books, about characters such as Ricardo Lagos, Gladys Marín, Roberto Bolaño and Gabriel García Márquez. On how he sees the homosexual world, its repudios and praises; how contemporary philosophy was part of its scriptural constructs that were thought, created and armed as puzzle pieces that manifest hard, concrete and powerful ideas. It shows its irreverence and lack of tolerance, its economic poverty, its love relationships, and-inevitably-it shows the hypocritical reality of Chilean society.

Undoubtedly, a book to read and enjoy. With only 91 pages, it allows you to discover interesting passages from the author of “Tengo Miedo Torero”, to close with an epilogue by Macarena García Moggia, in which he gently proposes important theses that are discussed in the academy about Lemebel, as the link between his literature and his visual work, or the importance of orality in his literary work.

To write, always is to undress in front of the reader that crosses you to the soul with his sight. Reading, what the writer said without his editorial filter, reveals even more – in this case – the Chilean chronicler, who in Bolaño’s words “he was the best poet in Chile”.

“I have no friends, I have loves. Statement of interviews. Pedro Lemebel”, editorial Alquimia, 94 pages, september, 2018.



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