Arts lead Chilean spring season

A booming offer that includes both visual and performing arts are taking the station. Street art facilities make a stop in their worldwide tours for bringing to us pieces of renowned international collectives, pieces of national scupltor are shown in the historical biennial, while photographs never seen before by Martin Chambi will be exhibited in Valparaíso and many more activities.

Until today, nobody knows about its origin with all the certainty. And for many time. There have been many concerns and since the 1980s, with the death of artists like Keith Haring in the United States, art has not been alien to them. In Chile, the collective Las Yeguas del Apocalipsis or the journalist Víctor Hugo Robles also confronted the social emergency with the threat of AIDS in its infancy.

It is a discourse that remains as current as necessary. That is why the exhibition “Arte y cuerpo seropositivo en el chili contemporo”, which includes visual works by artists such as Lotty Rosenfeld or the same “Che de los gays”, is shown as a space for reflection on this subject in the Museum of Chemistry and Pharmacy The exhibition is part of the Foro de las Artes 2018 of the University of Chile, where the documentary by Alejandra Carmona “Zurita, verás no ver”, will also be shown today at the National Cineteca at 9:15 p.m. first time after his avant-premiere at the FICValdivia just passed.

The same Saturday, October 27. You can check the complete schedule here.

Frame of “Zurita, verás no ver” documentary by Alejandra Carmona.

On the other hand, today begins the sixth edition of the festival of urban art Hecho en Casa. In this opportunity there will be five huge installations that will seize the city of Santiago until November 24. Spaces such as Plaza Italia, Paseo Bulnes or the Entel Tower will be invaded by artistic pieces of monumental sizes.

Impossible not to remember the yellow duck! The pop project “Rubber Duck” by the Dutchman Florentijn Hofman who last year suffered damage with the inflation in the Parque Quinta Normal and gave a show recorded in the retina of Chilean popular culture. Relevance that is now expected to be printed with the European artists Mantra, Cracking Art, Amigo & Amigo and Bordalo II, who amaze with gigantic sculptures representing wildlife and taking care of our nature through recycling.

In addition, this year the winning project of the contest #IdeasTorreEntel was included, which received more than 800 proposals to adjudicate the possibility of setting up a structure according to the building of the telephone company. Chilean advertising student Mauricio García Collío presents “Pájaro Carpintero”, with which he adorns the emblematic building.

And in the port city you can also enjoy the visual arts with the Festival Internacional de Fotografía en Valparaíso (FIFV). Its eighth version begins this Saturday, October 27 and will bring, among other things, an exhibition of the famous Peruvian photographer Martin Chambi at the Baburriza Museum. “Free time in Chile: 1936” contains a selection of works taken in our country by the author and that have never been exhibited before.

Other national and international authors will also capture the attention of the public with their images in exhibitions, workshops and talks, which will be at the Cultural Park of Valparaíso until December 30. You can check the complete Schedule here.

Attending public participate in the Central Exhibition of FIFV 2017 at Parque Cultural of Valparaíso. © Leandro Torchio/Fifv.

Meanwhile, at the Cerrillos National Center for Contemporary Art and the El Tranque Cultural Center, the Sculpture Biennial (BIE) 2018 is being held. In its fourth edition, nearly a hundred works are presented with the exhibition ” From the sculptural memory “. There the work of great plastic artists meets Tótila Albert, Federico Assler, Pascale Lehmann, Lily Grafulic, Lorenzo Dominguez, Mario Irarrázabal, among others.

With them, the Sociedad de Escultures de Chile (Soech) presents the vast volumetric tradition of our country, where younger artists who have excelled in visual art also participate. Sculpture has perhaps been the artistic discipline most present in the public space of our history and, nevertheless, an event of this importance has not been carried out since 1967, when the Soech produced the previous biennial. It will be until January 9, 2019 that this historic meeting of national sculptures be exhibited.





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