Cerrillos Center organizes first contemporary art seminar

A hundred years after the beginning of the vanguards, six decades from the high point of the post-modernity, the world of post-true, post-crisis, and what is post-human is lived. In this context gazes and reflections of the first International Seminar of Contemporary Art are put, that will be carried out on October 24th and 25th in the Cerrillos’ National Center of Contemporary Art.

The meeting will be carried out on October 24th and 25th, it is a collaborative exercise between the Cerrillos’ National Center of Contemporary Art and several universities.

Different questions will be presented, such as: in what way will spaces of art shape future humanity? What architectures, designs or museographies will be needed to contain and exploit an increasingly complex art? What are the new challenges and institutional critiques that we face? What experiences allow to question or sustain cultural institutions? What experiences allow to question or sustain cultural institutions? And more important, what elements of artistic practice, visual thinking and creative experimentation serve to project the changes that lie ahead?

It is a concerted effort of the Cerrillos National Center for Contemporary Art, universities of Chile, Catholic of Chile, Catholic of Valparaíso and Finis Terrae

“This seminar represents a unique opportunity to summon students, academics, critics and artists to think and debate about the contingency of our cultural institutions. These instances of debate and criticism are keys to generating an active scene. It makes us very happy that four important art schools in the country have joined this year and we hope that for the next version we can contemplate new schools, “said the director of the Cerrillos’ National Center of Contemporary Art, Beatriz Salinas. “We seek to install the forms and models that are tested around the world, relate and question the digital and virtual, the community and the context, gentrification and cultural tourism, activism and entertainment,” he added.

Artists, curators, scholars, and national and international managers will reflect about practices and the critical operating of incidental issues and art futures including its institutions.

The Cerrillos’ National Center of Contemporary Art was inspired in the emblematic piece of the Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar “Skoghall Konsthall” (2000) as an example of how productive can be an intervention of art in a public debate for reconsidering museums.

The international guests in this seminar will be Marjetica Potrč, Manuel Segade, Cristina Lucas, Gina McDaniel Tarver, Gabriel Bogossian and Rosângela Rennó. And from Chile will be Óscar Concha, Amalia Cross, Daniel Cruz, Carolina Ihle, Pablo Langlois, Félix Lazo, Valentina Montero, Luis Montes, Fernando Portal, Enrique Rivera, Rodrigo Tisi and Alicia Villarreal.

For registrations and inquires visit www.centronacionaldearte.cl



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