Tamara Falk’s Muses

The Visual Artist, graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Viña del Mar supervised by the Master Jorge Osorio Tejeda and Brenda Espíndola, has exhibited in the Hall of Viña del Mar, also participated in the VII Regional Biennial of Drawing in Castillo Wulff, Camilo Mori contest and in the hall of Fine Arts in Santiago. She also has earned honors in the Nemesio Antúnez Mención watercolor contest with the first place, Honorable Mention in Regional Contest of Drawing.

For this series, the artist has been inspired by “Muses” of Grecia. The Musas Marinas (for the spanish Sea Muses) have emerged from the depths to reveal us their world and to be seen in an abstract way, with the today’s contemporary gaze.

Crenea. Pencil drawing 90×70 cm. 2018
Galaxaura. Pencil Drawing 1 mt x 90cm. 2018
Afrodita. Pencil drawing 1mt x 90cm. 2018
Dafne y Apolo. Pencil drawing 90 x 70 cm. 2018
Eurínome. Pencil drawing 90 x 70 cm. 2018.
Talía. Pencil drawing 90 x 70 cm. 2018
Calipso. Pencil drawing. 2018
El Triunfo de Galatea. Pencil drawing 90 x 70cm. 2018



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