Your day at the office as an art work

Creating memes from classic art in order make our work days more tolerable is on trend now, but what we do not know is that nowadays there are categories of classic art memes. Alla Mingaliova is the creator of an entertaining section called “your boredom at the office is an art work,” which is a series of montages that reflect distinguished classic art figures imposed in the contemporary society.

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This art director is 31 years old, and she lives in Armenia. Lately, she has received more than 48000 retweets and over 1000 Instagram reactions since June 15th of this year. What is the reason of all of this? The routine as a meme.

In her montages done with Photoshop, characters of artists and different styles are mixed, both Renaissance and Baroque period. For example, Sandro Botticelli, Johannes Vermeer, Tiziano and rubens, among others. Besides, in each painting she mixes characters of different artist such as “The Creation of Adam” (1511) by Michelangelo and “The Rape of Europe” (1560) by Titian.

What was the beginning of this idea? Alla Mingaliova spent a lot of time in an office because of her job. At first, the main reason that inspired her to develop this series of montages was the routine and dead time. For that reason, it is not odd watching images of these classic characters within meeting and printer rooms.

Alexey Kondakov is a related case to Mingaliova, because he mixes painting figures with real scenarios and publishes them in Instagram. Also, the Brazilian Gabriel Nardelli Araíjo does this kind of art.

In Alla’s Instagram there are other similar images, where these characters appear in real offices. The creator of this also makes montages with movies and illustrations.



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