One Moment Art Call National Artists to intervene in Two Patrimonial Houses

One Moment Art, a platform of creation, management and diffusion of projects, has called 20 renowned national artists to intervene in two major patrimonial houses located in Triana Street (center of the historic Providencia sector). This experience denominated Site Specific put our artists in interesting talks and dialogues with expository spaces of these houses, where each one of them through the installation, sculpture, art video, performance, painting, and objectual art create very powerful speeches related to aesthetics objects and visual arts, where there is an important reflection of THE INHABIT, THE HERITAGE AND SOCIAL DISPLACEMENT.

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In order to combine our artists’ stylistic speeches, we have called three renowned national and international curators, and the responsible of this laber and the critic text creation are: María Grazia Muscatello (Italy), Montserrat Rojas Corradi (Chile) and Gerardo Chávez-Maza (Peru).

The artists called are: Nicolás Radic / Ignacio Bahna / Francisco Peró / Leon & Cociña / Miguel Soto Karelovic / Hugo Leonello / Santiago Cancino / Javier Toro Blum / Martín Eluchans / Eleodoro Calderon / Pablo Serra and Nicolas Briceño / Carolina Illanes / Alejandra Prieto / Teresa Aninat / Nicolás Astorga / Catalina Andonie / Denis Lira-Ratinoff / Patricia Domínguez / Bárbara Oettinger / Serena Oliva.

This is the 13th activation of One Moment Art, which has had distinguish exhibitions before at MAVI / GAM / Decorative Art Museums / Matucana 100 / National Museum of Fine Art / Cultural Center La Moneda and Cerrillos Contemporary Art Center as far as formal and institutional spaces concern. Also, One Moment Art has exhibited at the Museo del Barrio in New York and the Mac in Lima.

In the context of the platform 4th anniversary, One Moment Art wanted to develop this major exhibition together with Centro Leñería, which since 2012 is dedicated to the authorization and administration of work spaces under the concept cowork, where different enterprises and undertakings develop their projects in private offices and shared spaces designed to potentiate different parts.

One of the most characteristic aspects of Leñería –through its different locations in Santiago- is its constant development of initiatives related to art, design, music, theater and culture to create and innovate; acting as catalysts and strengthening the reach of its community through moments like the one that brought us.  This is taking advantage of the authorization process in its 3rd headquarter in Santiago: LEÑERIA TRIANA.

The Conjunto de Conservación Histórica located in Triana Street (former Las Lilas Avenue) has 21 homes with unique architectonic attributes within the sector of the city. Nowadays, this sector of Eliodoro Yáñez has become in a place of high recognition in Providencia, mostly because of the presence and preservation of original constructions of 20th century first half, where you can appreciate homogeneity of highs. Besides, an urban design promoting the presence of small squares and corners within the public space inspired in the architecture of the French pre-industrial towns, where the formal wealth and presence of decorative eclectic elements like balconies, plinths and a composition of a single façade in blocks of four floors extended throughout the adjacent sites are distinguished.

Triana 861-857: since 2008, the union of these two houses for the national architecture award Mario Perez de Arce is projected. This is through his scale cures adjacent with each other, where both properties start to operate as one unit. 10 years later, Centro Leñería together with Archibits Arquitectos, with the present ongoing project. They want to revitalize, restore and to put value in the properties with an actual use and projectable in the course of time by putting emphasis in the fomentation of the national undertaking culture in the neighborhood and the sector of Providencia.


Opening:  September 6th at 19:30 to 23:00 pm

Friday 7th (19:30-23:00 pm)

Saturday 8th (12:00-22:00 pm)

Sunday 9th (12:00-19:00 pm)



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