OH! Santiago will open more than 90 spaces in 30 sectors of the city

For a second consecutive year, OH! Stgo (Open House Santiago) invites you to rediscover our city by visiting places with a high architectural, engineering, environmental, urban, social or cultural value.

Next Saturday and Sunday, September 8th and 9th respectively, more than 90 spaces of 30 different sectors of the great Santiago will be available for free so you can come and learn, discuss or involve with the infrastructure of the city.

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The first version of OH! Stgo was developed in 2017 and it took around 16 thousand visitors. “The 44.7% of these visitors went through a sector that they did not know of Santiago. This was a transformative experience,” Soledad Días de la Fuente, Executive Secretary of Aldea Foundation, and she added “The possibility of putting into discussions which are the urban subjects and concerns of every day was presented.  We have to appreciate the work that is done in order to improve the city and to empower this development.”

Edificio Transoceánica. VitacuraTransoceanic Building, Vitacura

The 2018 version wants to show that the city is in a permanent construction and that these processes do not involve just its creators and whoever take the decisions, but also all its citizens. “The city, its infrastructure, is part of people’s identity and, therefore, of the communities. OH! Stgo, through a direct experience with spaces of different nature, which open its doors to this event, allowing visitors to know more and to appropriate the city, we think that we contribute to citizens take care of their territory and be part of how we lived and build our city,” Alberto Larraín comments,  Executive Director of ProCultura Foundation.

As a new initiative and because of the support of the British Council, OH! Stgo has as international guest Jane Hall, who comes to Chile in representation of the collective of architecture Assemble, which won the Turner award of the United Kingdom. Jane Hall also will participate of the opening talk and in different tours during the weekend.

Visitors will be able to discover unknown places that will open their doors in an exceptional way, for example, the Quinta Michita, The Consorcio Building, the Chapel of the Holy Spirit or the Arauco Distribution Center (former Wood Center); revisiting places that have been updated for the 21st century requirements, like the Pereira Palace which is being restored in order to transform it into the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage and the IF Blanco and Mustakis Foundation; or just seeing how the work of a piece in construction is done in situ, like the Subway Linea 3, the airport expansion or the Basilica del Salvador.

Parque Fluvial Padre Renato Poblete. Quinta Normal
Fluvial Park Padre Renato Poblete, Quinta Normal

Besides, organizations such as Ciclistas Sueltas or the motor group Amigos del Cerro China are going to develop some activities in public places. Also, it will be special places to have learning experiences, like in the Parque Explorador Quilapilún de Colina or the Andrónico Luksic Complex –which it looks like a mining breach-, the Dictuc UC –where you will know first-hand how the technological development solves daily concerns- or the new building of the Onemi, where you will see how to respond in case of emergencies from architecture, engineering and technology. Also, you can visit the Quilapilún in Colina as observation like the Bahá’í Temple, or places of memory like the Museum of Memory.

All places will have free or guided tours, a lot of them will be led by their creators –distinguish professionals like Teodoro Fernández, José Cruz Ovalle, Alejandro Caledón or Enrique Brown- or people related to them, like the social Director Doris Gonzaléz from Ukamau or Héctor Noguera from Camino Theater. Also, 200 volunteers will receive the audience in these places; they were prepared for the event thanks to the support of the National Institute of Youth. All activities are for free or free access; some of them have limited capacity and require a previous registration, which you can do it through all OH! Stgo’s social media.

Templo Bahá’í de Sudamérica. Peñalolén
Bahá’í Temple of South America, Peñalolén

Learn more about OH! Stgo

OH! Stgo is part of the Open House World Wide network. Open House is carried out since 26 years in over 40 cities from all over the world, and it was born in the Open City Foundation in London. It is innovating in the development of educational, architectural and urbanism programs meant for everyone. In Chile, it is organized by Aldea and ProCultura Foundation, and this second version was founded by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage through the National Fondart In the 2018 call.

Cover image: Tour Tactics Experiences in Santiago.



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