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Even though Mari Grisanti studied Journalism at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, visual art is what motivates her daily, being her “true vocation, what makes me happy and full,” the artist says. She has developed more than 19 exhibitions in different parts of the world and she is currently studying a Diploma in Art at the same University.

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Her artworks, washes, represent a soft movement that is noticed by the spectator because it generates a come and go of air, sky, wind and sea. She says “it is a swinging of emotions expressed with patience and achieved peace, serenity, hope and light in those who contemplates it.”

What subjects have you worked in your last works? Why?

In my exhibition Casa Luz, I took some fragments of images about dreams that have been repeated during years and also places I visited in the South of Spain, with their white towns and white houses with red roofs. The works of the last two years have had this signature. Also, once in a wild, some hot-air balloon and trees appeared. I found this very symbolic and bring me peace, so I can express it in my works.

Have you ever used another technique?

I have used mixed media with acrylic and charcoal for many years. This year, I discovered the watercolor, and I am learning it in the Diploma of Art in the Universidad Católica that I am studying now. I also discovered paper as support, and I was very surprised with it because working with this fascinating material and learning how to manipulate water in order to create transparencies in small formats. That is why watercolor captivated me.

What were your major exhibitions this year? Where?

With this individual exhibition, I will have 19 in total. This year, I participated in the collective exhibition Jemer Art Toy Project, at the Mizrahi Cultural Center in Mexico, with a resin sculpture of an elephant done by the Mexican artist Mónica Martín, which was sent to different artist throughout the world, so they can paint it in a unique and special way. It was a very ludic and different project, and I have never done it before. Also, I participated in the collective exhibition Panneaux from the Macaví studio (to which I belong for 10 years ago), in the room of En Tránsito. I exhibited at the Cultural Center La Moneda, in the Latin American Thematic Fair.

Last year, I participated in the Art Fair Málaga (Spain), and before, in the Art Expo New York (USA) and the Contemporary Art Biennale, Buenos Aires.

What are your future projects?

In the short run, I want to participate in The Art Week of Miami (Spectrum Miami) by the end of the year. During 2019, I wish to participate in other Biennale (in 2016, I participated in the Contemporary Art Biennale of Buenos Aires, and it was an enriching experience). In the long run, I want to keep developing myself as a visual artist, finish my Diploma and keep improving in the world of art, which is what makes me happy. I already have an idea for my next project, which hopefully I will start it in 2019. Also, I want to promote my website:

About the Casa Luz exhibition

How was developed this exhibition?

Two years ago, I started with the idea of making a new project and step by step the houses of my works started to appear, in drawings first, I actually completed a lot of sketch pads! Then, they appeared in outlines and in canvas later. The project was taking shape and the essence of Casa Luz was expressing in all my canvas.

How long did you work in these artworks?

I was a whole year working in this project, and in all her artworks (28 in total). I want to make a special appreciation to, Ventisquero Vineward and Handmade Toffee La Julita, which funded me for this exhibition.

In what way do you expect that these pieces interact with the spectator?

I hope that the spectator can consume the peace, serenity and light that my works reflect. Also, I hope he can appreciate my painting, producing something inside of each person, so he can discover what is under several layers of wash, so he can imagine what is in there and what is not.

What are your inspirations for each artwork?

My work registers unconscious lines, fragments of dreams that have been repeated during years and images of white towns from the South of Spain, which were stuck in my mind during a journey. By mixed media, pigments are moved by the soft and intense washes, leaving a mark in several layers, oneiric landscape full with a brilliant chromatic palette. Colors are used in a delicate and harmonious way, so horizontally and vertically are deteriorated and form a signature, identifying my style.



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