La Porfía | The Art and Design Fair comes back in the Southern Area of Chile

Punta Arenas is going to be full with art, design, music and a lot more during September 7th, 8th and 9th. La Porfía 2018 was born in 2014 and it is the 5th Art and Design Fair of Magallanes, and it was inspired by commemorating the 500 years of the Magellan Strait.

La Porfía starts with the exhibition opening Postales de Hielo (Ice Postcards) in Thursday, September 6th at 19:30 pm in the Casa La Porfía. The following day, like every year, the fair will be open in the EPA (Empresa Portuaria Austral) at 13:00 and 15:00 pm the activities will start, for example film and artists talks, design projects, workshops and a permanent space for children. During the three days of the fair, there will be music shows and DJ set, live interviews to artists and some surprises. The singer and composer Vane Arrebol together with 4 musicians will present a show at 19:00 pm, Saturday.

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This year, there are more than 20 stands with around 30 exhibitors that will share the shed and the passenger room of EPA at Prat Dock.

The exhibitors are from Santiago, Chiloé and Puerto Varas, in addition to the regional artists: Cata Flaño, María Paz Escandón, Ximena Gamonal, Patricia Iglesias, Javiera Quesney, Cubo Sashiko Collective, Austral Textile, Carolina Latorre and Viento del Oeste Studio, Patricia Salgado, Verónica Cárcamo, Constanza Cortés, Puro Viento, Monoco, Patricia Iglesias, Bastidor Austral, Weichafe Design, Andrea Araneda, Pablo Quercia, Bosque Nativo Gallery (Puerto Varas) and Casa La Porfía with several artists.

La Porfía Fair has the support of: EPA, illustrious Municipality of Punta Arenas, the Ministry of Culture, Art and Heritage, Altas Cumbres Real State Agency, Crosur, Marangunic Bookstores, Magellan Strait Park, Teraike Foundation, Santo Tomas University, Mercosur Transport, PescaChile, Rey Don Felipe Hotel, Casa Azul del Arte, Pequeños artistas kindergarten, Wake Up Coffee and Casa La Porfía.



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