Art Basel Cities, Buenos Aires Photo and Gallery Weekend are filling Buenos Aires with Visual Art

Three major art events invite collectors, artists, gallery owners and several visual art agents from the contemporary art city, Buenos Aires. This is through Art Basel Cities’ program, the important Art Basel’s international fair, Buenos Aires Photo and Gallery Weekend.

Art Basel Cities

Art Basel Cities was created in 2016 and its main goal is to interact with cities selected during an association done several years ago. This seeks to develop different, dynamic and intellectually rigorous programs and to show the art world news opportunities, so it can involve with cultural offers from all over the world.

Cecilia Alemani would be the curator in Buenos Aires. Just like last year, an international audience will be invited as well as the extensive Art Basel network in order to experiment and immerse in a dynamic artistic scene.

The inauguration would be on September 6th.

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Buenos Aires Photo

Buenos Aires’ 14th edition of a specialized fair in photography will be presented between September 7th and 9th. This event will have the participation of over 25 galleries in the main section; 4 in the Special Room, which is a section for international trajectory galleries invited from a specific exhibition proposal. This year, Florencia Portocarrero will be the curator. Finally, a tribute to Pepe Fernández will be presented where Francisco Medail is the curator.

Gallery Weekend

During three days, GWBA is a city and art experience and it will offer a special program of exhibitions in more than 40 art galleries, artists’ studio visits, performances and art talks. It has three tour designed to accompany the week of Art Basel Cities and to enjoy the offer of Buenos Aires’ galleries.

Gallery Weekend Buenos Aires (GWBA) is a new initiative of the ArtBa Foundation and Meridano, the Argentinian Chamber of Art gallery, in collaboration with the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. Buses and GWBA guides will be provided with no charge to make the tours.




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