New Arte Al Límite Call | Postulate to our Two Research and Writing Internships about Contemporary Art

Arte Al Límite is an art books publisher, a specialized magazine and a digital platform. It is calling for a research and a writing internship in order to improve the contemporary art.

Contemporary art research is increasingly necessary in Chile as well as generate capacitated people interested for the culture and ready to face artworks.

Both internships are focused on students or just graduates that want to go deep into cultural studies. Our possible interns will have different benefits such as the magazine facility, the bimonthly deliver of AAL’s magazine, permanent meetings with the team work and participation in events organized by AAL like Masterclass, exhibitions, visits to studios or cultural centers, among other.

“Being an intern at AAL worked for me because it helped me to go deep theoretically and practically into the contemporary art. Also, I was able to know more about artists, the most important artistic fairs and how the world of contemporary art works.

– Francisca Castillo, 2015-2016 internship. In charge of Contemporary Art Collection of the Ministry of Culture.

1. Research Internship

In order to generate different reading to the collection of Arte Al Límite magazine, an invitation is now available to interns that are studying a Degree in Theory and Art History and/or careers related to it, so they can investigate about Arte Al Límite’s Collection.

We want to emphasize in the research directed and assisted for the magazine team. We expect to articulate and generate knowledge about the contemporary art collection previously mentioned, which counts with over 700 artworks. The research results will be published within all platforms of Arte Al Límite. Also, the development of a book and exhibitions with interns’ different proposal will be evaluated.

Click here if you want to see AAL’s collection

Within the problems that will be studied, you may consider:

  • Latin American productions.
  • New media.
  • Gender problems.
  • Intern’s different proposal.


-To generate publications about AAL’s Collection

-To present and publish the results of the research


You have to assist 1 or 2 times a week from 9 to 18 pm. There, a research progress must be shown.

Capacity: 2 interns

Internship Duration: 6 to 10 months

Fees: $420,000 -$700,000 CLP (total)

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“In Arte Al Límite, I learn how to have a more Latin American perspective of contemporary art and to understand the national creation within different contexts defined by the market and the academy.”

– Lía Alvear, 2015 internship. Responsible of Communications, UC Art Department.

2. Writing internship

We want to give you an invitation to participate in one of Arte Al Límite’s newest challenge. Our website is going to start a new phase, and for this, we invite all people interested in writing or in specializing about the culture to participate in the internship. Among the benefits offered, you can have a paid writing workshop, digital publications, wordpress tools, digital diagramming, and the possibility to publish in our magazine.

When I performed my internship at AAL, I was able to investigate with more fredom the way of elaborating articles and I could expand my way of communication, not just in journalistic aspects, but also in literary areas. There are few jobs that provide the opportunity of specializing the creation of news.”

-Ignacio Maldonado, 2016 intern. In charge of Communications, UC Faculty of Biological Sciences.

The following formats will be addressed, emphasizing in cultural journalism:

  • Interviews
  • Columns
  • Reviews
  • Profiles
  • Articles


-To create publications.

-To form new writers about the culture.


During the first month, as introduction, a writing workshop will be developed twice a week for 2,5 hours. Then, the office is available for the intern and he have to just assist to meetings once a week through which he can give constributions during the next 5 months.

Capacity: 2 interns

Duration: 6 months

Fees: $360.000 CLP (total)

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