Do you want to be an expert in contemporary art? You just have to download Smartify!

We know that App Shazam App Shazam exists for music lover, but “Smatify” is for people who love classic art and it is available now. This app gives the possibility to offer you a completely detailed description of the artworks and artists.

You just have to put your camera in from of the piece and/or painting. You wait for a few seconds and you will receive the complete information about the artist, his critics and even videos of the artworks. This is very interesting, right? Just like Shazam recognizes the singer from the radio.

This information is provided by museums and art galleries that wanted to collaborate with “Smartify”. Also, more than 30 institutions from all over the world are now associated with the app, such as: the Louvre, the MOMA, the Cartoon Museum of London or the British museum.

Although this digital adaptation does not provide the quality of a guide or expert in the history of art. “Smartify” compensates the little information that someone has and allows you to, maybe, give some knowledge to the people around you, as well as to brag about your academic background related to art.

Photo credit: App Shazam



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