Chile’s Government Accepts the Resignation of Mauricio Rojas and names Consuelo Valdés as the New Minister of Culture and Arts

Just a few minutes ago, the President Sebastian Piñera has announced to the country that the resignation of Mauricio Rojas as Minister of Culture and Arts of Chile was accepted.

Because of the controversy related to what the former minister expressed, who was named last Thursday Mauricio Rojas. The President, Sebastian Piñera, addressed to the country to accept his resignation. Also, Piñera named Consuelo Valdés as the new Minister of Culture and Arts of Chile.

More information about Mauricio Rojas’ controversy

Just after a few days of being named, the Minister of Culture and Arts in Chile renounced

“We do not shared opinions and statements about the mission and meaning of the Museum of Memory and Human Rights,” the Head of State affirms. “Our human rights vision is not restricted to remember and sentence,” expresses the President. He also confirmed to have a “deep compromise with truth, justice and to learn about past mistakes.” About Rojas’ statements, Piñera stated “firmly and clearly” that “we do not share opinions or statements about the meaning and mission of the Museum of Memory and Human Rights.”

New Minister, Consuelo Valdés

At the same time, the President named Consuelo Valdés Chadwick as new Minister.

According to what the President said, Consuelo Valdés is an archaeologist with anthropology background. “She has a long and valuable career in the world of culture, art and heritage.”

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According to the website MIM (Mirador Interactive Museum), Consuelo Valdés is: “An archaeologist from Universidad del Norte; She has a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies with a major in Anthropology from the University of Alabama. She also has a diploma in Audiovisual Production from Stanford University, United States.”

From the beginning of her career, Consuelo Valdés has worked in several positions related with the world of culture, arts and museology. Between 1980 and 1982, she was Director of the Araucanía Regional Museum. Then, she came back to Santiago to create the National Coordination of Museums (Subdirección Nacional de Museo), at the Directorate of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DIBAM).

Later, during five years (1988-1933), she was a cultural project manager of the Andes Foundation. Besides, she created in that period, among other actions, the Museums Support Program, Artistic Creation and Research Scholarship Program, the Writers in Residence Program, among other.

Since 1993, she is part of the Artequin Corporation’s Board in Santiago and since 2008 in Viña del Mar.

In 2007, together with Carmen Vergara, she coordinated and created the House Museum of Eduardo Frei Montalva.

Also, Consuelo Valdés stands out as an advisor to Chile’s National Television Council (2002-2010), Executive Director of the Mirador Interactive Museum (2010-2014) and she was member of the board of the Cultural Corporation of Estación Mapocho (2011-2013).

Currently, she practices two positions ad-honorem: member of the board in the Artequín Corporation Museum (Santiago and Viña del Mar) and until September 2016, member of the Young Science Foundation and MediaBus Foundation.”

Source: MIM and La Tercera.



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